Liquor Cabinet And Bar

Introducing, for your entertainment pleasure, a self-contained bar/liquor cabinet.

This unit is hand crafted using100% solid wood employing old school techniques by skilled craftsmen.

There is no particle board or plywood used in the construction. Created from select hardwood or pine the unit measures 29 Wide, 19 Deep, and 40 ½ Tall. It features heavy duty casters for easy mobility whether you entertain in the kitchen or on the patio.

The top cabinet is the heart of the bar with room to hold four of each; highball, rocks, shooters, as well as champagne, red and white wine glasses. There is a place for the ice bucket and bar tools as well as four glass cups for garnishes such as lime, olives or cherries. The cabinet is hinged at the top to allow for opening to serve drinks as they are prepared.

The bottom cabinet has a built-in wine rack to hold 5 bottles and room to store 12-15
various size bottles of liquor.

All four sides are completely finished and the unit can easily be turned towards the party with top opened for that bar look. You can choose from raised panels or plain Shaker style panels. It is available either unfinished or with the stain of your choice and a durable poly-acrylic satin finish (3 layers-hand sanded) which protects against UV rays and never fades or dulls. The cabinet comes complete with self-closing hinges and stylish hardware.

There is a keyed lock on the bottom liquor cabinet which provides peace of mind for parents of younger children. Ships to you in two boxes complete with no assembly required. One piece sits atop the second piece.

If you are looking for a space efficient entertainment solution, our bar/liquor cabinet is for you.

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