Liquor Store POS System: Receiving Purchase Orders with CobaltConnect

If you have made it this far through the Cobalt Connect system then that hopefully means your business is running smoother than ever! So congratulations, you are slowly becoming a Cobalt Connect master. Receiving your purchase orders is the next step in managing your CobaltConnect inventory.

Go to your Purchase Orders Dashboard and select Recent PO’s. Here you’ll find all the PO’s you’ve completed within the last 30 days. This section will include; Date PO was submitted, the distributor, total PO amount, and status. The status column has two indicators. Submitted indicates that the PO has been sent electronically to your distributor and you are awaiting delivery. Completed indicates PO has been delivered and your stock is updated. Simply click on the Purchase Order you are receiving to open the detailed PO. If corrections need to be made to the case or bottle prices, select the Edit PO button to your corrections.

First, enter the Vendor PO ID number from the delivery invoice slip you received from the Delivery Driver. From there, enter the quantities you’ve received from that order in the Received Quantity columns.

If you placed an order directly with your Liquor Rep, don’t worry—you can easily add those off-line products to this Purchase Order. Simply click Add Offline Order.

A popup will appear, in which you will use the search bar to select the missing product(s) you would need to add to the order. Once you’ve chosen your products, click Add to PO and then select Done.

Please Note: You will not be able to add offline orders once you’ve selected Update Order and completed the PO.

If there are no errors with the quantities that have been delivered, first click the AutoFill button and then Update Order button to finalize this PO. This will complete the order and automatically update your product stock quantities throughout CobaltConnect and Clover POS.

When items are missing from the order, a popup will appear to ask you if you’d like to add the missing items to your next order. If so, check the box next to the name of the product and then select Add To PO. If you would prefer to receive the credits just click Update Order. The page will then refresh and you will be directed to the Recent PO’s page, where the order will be marked as complete.

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