October 29, 2021 Liquor and Knicker

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The Talk of the Street Podcast #178 covering episodes of Coronation Street aired in the UK between October 25 and October 29, 2021.

In the aftermath of Horror Nation Street, David tries to keep the lid on how his sinkhole was probably the sinkhole responsible for all the other sinkholes and, by extension, Johnny’s death. For reasons not entirely understood or palatable, we have to send Natasha off to the Big Hair Salon in That London in the Sky, as Nick worries about Sam’s, and his, ability to cope. Dev is determined to overcompensate for leaving Aadi for dead in a burning car so makes him assistant manager to his empire, a position that seems to make Aadi even more resentful. The mystery of the missing Weathy County rucksack is finally resolved to a non-disco-dancing homeless gentleman named Stu, which gets Nina and Asha working closely to do some hardcore detective work. Emma tries to talk Steve into funding research into Curtis’s hair loss with money raised for Oliver. Ryan overhears Zeedan conducting some shady business in the Alleyway of Doom. A missing gun and missing note cause separate but equally important issues for Abi who is trying to organize her wedding at last. Hashim walks into a cameraman. Steve finishes his crossword. Daisy’s not for sharing her pain au chocolate.

0:00 Pre Preamble
5:38 Preamble
16:38 No More Chili Con Carne For You
32:03 Ta-Ra Natahsa
47:49 Alahan and Son
53:10 Homeless Stu Has a Rucksack For You
1:05:33 Emma’s Hair-Brained Scheme
1:10:33 Curry Wars
1:15:46 Weatherfield Floating Gun Rentals
1:25:08 Postamble

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