Our Favorite Winter Alcoholic Drinks | Zipps Liquor

There’s nothing like celebrating the #winter season with some tasty winter alcoholic drinks. Winter is usually portrayed in one of two ways:

One, as that time when you decide to lounge on your favorite couch, scroll through your phone and play back-to-back episodes of something on Netflix (all while munching on your favorite snacks and packing on the winter weight);

Or, as that time when you decide to dress warm, brave the cold outside, and even head somewhere snowy to get back to your favorite winter sporting activities.

Whichever option is more “you,” one fact remains: the relative amount of time spent indoors during winter is higher for everyone. Even though Texas winters are pretty mild, you may feel like getting into the winter spirit.

This being the case, you might as well have fun with it! One proven way to stay truly warm and cozy this winter is through enjoying a glass of the winter-classic drinks the season has to offer.

Feel free to try out some or all of our favorite winter #alcoholicdrinks this year, and you’ll be glad you did!

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