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If you’re looking for the perfect cocktail, you must use the best glass rimmer. There are many different types of glass rimmers, so it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

The three most common ingredients in rimming cocktail glasses are citrus, salt, and sugar. Depending on the flavor profile, a salty or sweet rim can either contrast or complement the drink’s taste and elevate its appearance.

In this blog post, we recommend our top picks for the best glass rimmers on the market!

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Our Top Picks

New Star Foodservice Bar Glass Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • LABELED RIMMER BOWLS: Avoid cross-contaminating the rimming ingredients.
  • FOOD-SAFE ABS PLASTIC: Sturdy material that’s safe for your body.
  • 2-TIER DESIGN: Storage for one dry ingredient and adhesive ingredient.
  • HEAVYWEIGHT: Durable and won’t get worn out easily.

What We Don’t Like

  • It can be difficult to slide open. 

What Our Editors Say 

“This simple two-tiered design is perfect for saving space and reducing messes in your workstation. We love that it’s easy to refill, store, and clean and that each compartment is labeled for easy identification!

It’s dishwasher safe, but we suggest putting them on the top rack only to prevent warping. Also, the labels may get erased due to dishwashing, so if f you want to avoid this, we suggest handwashing it instead.”

Material: Plastic | Number of Tiers: 2 | Diameter: 5.5” | Dishwasher Safe: Yes | What’s Included: Sponge

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Hotorda Bar Glass Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • SHIFTING COMPARTMENTS: Saves a lot of space and allows for easy storage.
  • 3-TIER DESIGN: Provides individual spaces for one liquid ingredient and two dry ingredients.
  • TIMELESS BLACK: Looks professional and works with many bar color schemes. 
  • CONVENIENT SPONGE: Prevents liquids from dripping and making a mess.

What We Don’t Like 

  • It is prone to scratches.                

What Buyers Say 

“If you’re new to rimming, this can be your next best buddy in your bar. Aside from being cheap, this is very easy to operate and makes rimming seem easy and quick. 

We’re glad that it already came with a sponge which saves money and time. Each compartment also spans out easily, which is good for setting up quickly.”

Material: Plastic | Number of Tiers: 3 | Diameter: 5.6” | What’s Included: Sponge

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Cork & Mill Margarita Salt Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • ACACIA WOOD: Eco-friendly material that displays beautiful wood grain patterns. 
  • BONUS COCKTAIL RECIPES: Helps you get started in making rimmed beverages.
  • EASY TO STORE: Compact construction that is hassle-free to stow. 
  • RUSTIC APPEARANCE: Attractive design that goes well with home bars or tiki bar setups. 

What We Don’t Like 

  • It may not be suitable for wet ingredients.

What Our Editors Say 

“We love the beauty of acacia that’s evident in this rimmer. When not used, it works well as a display item and can even be a fantastic gift to margarita lovers. It doesn’t skimp on function either since it is sturdy and long-lasting. 

We also like how it can fit large margarita and martini glasses. Although, we wish it had a lid for more convenience.”

Material: Wood | Number of Tiers: 1 | Diameter: 5.5” | Dishwasher Safe: No | What’s Included: Cocktail Recipes

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Jewluxury Margarita Salt Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • SET OF 2: Includes two bowls and lids of different sizes for salt/sugar and garnishes.
  • INCLUDES COASTERS: Prevents cocktails from making water rings on any surface.
  • SOLID NATURAL WOOD: Low-maintenance but still durable.
  • EASY TO USE: Simple two-part design that is also quick to store.
  • EXCELLENT WARRANTY: Refund or replacement if the product does not meet expectations.

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s not intended for liquid ingredients. 

What Buyers Say 

“The appearance of these rimmers caught our attention first because they look very classy. Upon seeing that it came with coasters and lids, we knew that this set was going to be worth it. 

The quality did not disappoint because it works just as beautifully as it looks, perfect for parties and simple get-togethers! The surfaces are smooth to the touch, meaning they can be cleaned easily.”

Material: Wood | Number of Tiers: 2 | Diameter: 6.1” and 4.9” | Dishwasher Safe: No | What’s Included: 2 Wooden Coasters

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Suwimut Bar Glass Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • GREAT VALUE: Includes two rimmers at an affordable price.
  • ORGANIZED LABELS: It will not confuse you about which bowl is intended for which ingredient.
  • SPONGE FOR LIQUIDS: Coat the rim with liquid adhesive evenly. 
  • ABS PLASTIC: Known to be durable, sturdy, and abrasion-resistant. 

What We Don’t Like

  • This glass rimmer feels a bit flimsy.

What Our Editors Say

“We appreciate that this product comes with two pieces of glass rimmers at a reasonable price. You can have the other one as stock in case you break the first one, use it for other seasonings or herbs for Bloody Mary cocktails, or give the other one to a friend. 

The sponge in each rimmer is also a plus, which is essential for a quick, mess-free, and efficient coat of liquid adhesive for your salt, sugar, etc.”

Material: Plastic | Number of Tiers: 3 | Dishwasher Safe: No | What’s Included: Sponge

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Jillmo Margarita Cocktail Glass Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • CRAFTED FROM BAMBOO: Superb durability and rot resistance.
  • FITS 1.8 TO 5-INCH-WIDE GLASSES: Use it for shot glasses and margarita glasses.
  • WOOD WAX OIL FINISH: Protects the wood from liquids while looking sleek. 
  • COMPACT DESIGN: It won’t take up too much space in your bar.
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Replacement or refund if you’re unsatisfied with the product. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The rimmer doesn’t come with a sponge.

What Our Editors Say 

“This glass rimmer’s design is nearly the same as the other ones, except that it uses bamboo wood, which we think makes a huge difference in appearance and durability. Plus, it looks more high-end and elegant because of the wood grains. This rimmer is well-made, and you can move the compartments smoothly without feeling loose.”

Material: Wood | Number of Tiers: 3 | Diameter: 5.7” | Dishwasher Safe: No

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TonJin Bar Glass Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • SMOOTH EDGES: Avoids unnecessary scratches on tables or bar counters.
  • 360º LID ROTATION: Prevents moving your entire setup when serving guests.
  • OBSIDIAN COLOR: Creates an appealing backdrop that complements any bar setup.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Allows for an efficient, quick, and worry-free clean-up.

What We Don’t Like

  • There is a faint plastic odor.

What Buyers Say 

“We couldn’t be happier that we came upon this glass rimmer because it’s exactly what our bar just needed to efficiently serve margaritas and other cocktails. 

We admire how this doesn’t look cheaply made despite being plastic and affordable. If anything, it made our bar look sophisticated and expensive. The edges were smoothened out, and it doesn’t scratch that easily, too.”

Material: Plastic | Number of Tiers: 3 | Diameter: 6.1 inches | Dishwasher Safe: Yes | What’s Included: Sponge

Mud Pie Lime and Salt Rimmer Margarita Set

Why We Think It’s Great

  • INCLUDES A 4-INCH FORK: Helps rim your glass with citrus wedges in a cleaner way.
  • CRAFTED FROM CERAMIC: It gives this rimmer an attractive look and solid build. 
  • DOUBLE-PURPOSE: Space for the salt in the center and lime wedges all around.
  • CLEVER AND FUNNY WORD ART: Elevates the design and makes it a great gift to loved ones.

What We Don’t Like 

  • The salt compartment is not big enough to fit some margarita glasses.

What Buyers Say

“We like how this rimmer looks, with the white background, black print, and shiny ceramic compelling us. We were entertained by the witty text also! Thankfully, it was able to fit our 4.5-inch glasses; otherwise, it would’ve been such a shame. 

We think it’s cute that they designed it with a little space for the lime wedges, as it saves time from having to wash another plate! The small fork has a witty text, which is very funny and in theme.”

Material: Ceramic | Number of Tiers: 1 | Diameter: 5” | Dishwasher Safe: Yes | What’s Included: Small Fork

Tablecraft Glass Rimming Station

Why We Think It’s Great

  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: Sleek, compact frame that takes up minimal counter space.
  • 5 COMPARTMENTS: Keep an assortment of rim ingredients in one organized rimmer.
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE: Maintain its cleanliness quickly and easily.
  • COMES WITH A SPONGE: Allows you to coat the glass rim with liquid efficiently.

What We Don’t Like 

  • The lid is fragile and doesn’t close tightly.

What Our Experts Say 

“I highly recommend the Tablecraft 5 try bar rimmer for the versatility it offers. Tablecraft is an exceptional producer of restaurant-grade barware with price points that are approachable for the home setting as well,” says Ben Rayl, Founder of Comfortable Food.

“This glass rimmer, in particular, has a tray for a sponge so you can fully and evenly rim glasses; not all home rimmers have the sponge tray. Most rimmers don’t have 5 trays which offer great versatility for at-home entertaining and are compact. The trays also close very securely on this particular glass rimmer so you don’t have to worry about spilling salt or sugar all over your bar as you set it up,” he added.

Material: Plastic | Number of Tiers: 5 | Diameter: 5.75” | Dishwasher Safe: Yes | What’s Included: Sponge

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Geiserailie Margarita Salt Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • DURABLE WOOD: It won’t break or bend even if dropped or used in hectic bars.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL LID: Protects the salt from dirt and can be used as a cutting board for lime.
  • SLEEK APPEARANCE: Displays a unique wood grain that looks elegant.
  • PORTABLE: Easy to bring anywhere because of its compact structure.

What We Don’t Like

  • The lid easily slides off the top of the rim. 

What Our Editors Say 

“The rich color and pattern of the wood look elegant, beautiful, and high-end while reasonably priced. We also love how the lid can be used as a chopping board or serving plate for limes!

Despite its multifunctional structure, we can’t say that the lid does a pretty good job because it doesn’t have a handle which is quite bothersome. Nonetheless, the glass rimmer worked amazingly and felt sturdy enough.”

Material: Wood | Number of Tiers: 1 | Diameter: 5” | Dishwasher Safe: No | What’s Included: Lid

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Dualshine Cocktail Seasoning Box Rimmers

Why We Think It’s Great

  • THICK FOOD-SAFE ACRYLIC: Withstands rigorous use in the bar.
  • SMOOTH EDGES: Keeps surfaces and your hands safe from scratches.
  • ROTATABLE COVER: Turn and position the rimmer in any direction for convenience.

What We Don’t Like

What Buyers Say 

“This glass rimmer really helped us make our rims more decent after a series of unfruitful rimming practices. Using it is a breeze without sacrificing efficiency; not to mention, it comes at a low price!

There were no problems with moving the compartments, too, as they were smooth and held in their place. We also easily cleaned this up, including the sponge.”

Material: Plastic | Number of Tiers: 3 | Diameter: 6.10” | What’s Included: Sponge

Final Touch Cocktail Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • STAINLESS STEEL: Rim numerous cocktails without breaking the rimmer apart.
  • DOUBLE FUNCTION LID: Use it to cover the rimmer or hold adhering agents or lime wedges.
  • DUAL STORAGE OPTION: Store as individual rimmers or stack them to save space.
  • 6-INCH DIAMETER: Wide enough to fit most cocktail glasses.

What We Don’t Like

  • The lids don’t fit tightly.

What Our Editors Say 

“This is a smartly designed rimmer set, from its polished silver appearance to its stackable feature. We like the idea of making one of the lids clear plastic because we like to see what’s inside the rimmer through the transparent lid.

The stackable feature is so convenient; it’s technically a two-tier, but the fun part is that you can dismantle it if you want to use or carry a single tier only. We think the rimmer can also be great storage for candies or nuts – such a versatile design!”

Material: Stainless Steel and Plastic | Number of Tiers: 2 | Diameter: 6” | Dishwasher Safe: Yes | What’s Included: 2 Lids

Greenco Bar Glass Rimmer for Margarita and Cocktail

Why We Think It’s Great

  • 3 COMPARTMENTS: Provides enough space to store your rimming ingredients.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Shifting compartments for space-saving storage.
  • CLEAR LABELS: Helps you remember where to place ingredients in their right areas.
  • INCLUDES A SPONGE: Intended for adhering agents for a mess-free coat.

What We Don’t Like 

  • It can be challenging to open.

What Buyers Say 

“This is definitely the answer to all of our rimming problems, and the sponge works wonders! It can make the salt and sugar stay intact since it gets all the rim area adequately wet.

However, we wish there was a way to open the bottommost compartment without having to open the top compartments first. Overall, it works just like it’s supposed to and for sure will last us years.”

Material: Plastic | Number of Tiers: 3 | Diameter: 6.25” | Dishwasher Safe: Yes | What’s Included: Sponge

TableCraft H634T Glass Rimmer Set

Why We Think It’s Great

  • SPACE SAVING: Designed with an integrated lime wedge compartment in the center.
  • LID HANDLE: Easier to cover and uncover the lid.
  • PLASTIC RIMMER: Hard material and sturdy enough to last for years.
  • WORKS WITH DIFFERENT GLASSES: Accommodates various cocktail glasses with 3.5” to 6” diameter.

What We Don’t Like 

  • The lid doesn’t close tightly.

What Buyers Say 

“This glass rimmer is simple, lightweight, and functional. The rimmer bowl is made from plastic, but it’s of great quality, so it’s sturdy and stays in place on the surface. While it can fit big vessels like martini glasses, the center may pose a problem to glasses with small mouths like shot glasses.”

Material: Plastic and Rubber | Number of Tiers: 1 | Diameter: 6” | Dishwasher Safe: No | What’s Included: Lid

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Houdini H4-013904T Glass Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • STAINLESS STEEL: Long-lasting material that can withstand repeated use.
  • WELL-POLISHED SILVER FINISH: Adds a sophisticated touch to your bar. 
  • TIGHT LID: Keeps your salt safe and clean at all times.
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE: Quickly clean this rimmer without too much effort.

What We Don’t Like 

  • It isn’t engraved with “STAY SALTY” as the packaging says. 

What Our Editors Say

“This is a good-looking rimmer with a smooth surface and edges and robust construction. We figured it would make a good glass rimmer at home and in commercial bars since its diameter is not overwhelmingly big or small, accommodating margarita glasses, rocks glasses, and more.”

Material: Stainless Steel | Number of Tiers: 1 | Diameter: 5” | Dishwasher Safe: Yes | What’s Included: 1 Lid

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Dozenegg Bar Glass Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • SHIFTING COMPARTMENTS: Allows easy, convenient, and quick storage.
  • LABELED TRAYS: Easier to place everything in their designated bowls.
  • THREE-TIER DESIGN: Provides three separate compartments for your rimming needs.
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE: Safe to clean on the top rack of the dishwasher.

What We Don’t Like 

  • The rimmer is hard to open at times. 

What Buyers Say 

“This handy tool makes things faster in our home bar, and it serves its purpose very well. It’s plastic, but it doesn’t feel light or flimsy and can last long if taken care of. 

Since it doesn’t have an airtight lid, you need to take out the sponge and the excess salt and sugar after each use. Nonetheless, it was still easy to clean since it’s dishwasher safe.”

Material: Plastic | Number of Tiers: 3 | Diameter: 6” | Dishwasher Safe: Yes | What’s Included: Sponge

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Tablecraft H636 Glass Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • BRUSHED STEEL FRAME: Looks elegant, clean, and will barely retain fingerprints. 
  • REMOVABLE PLASTIC RIMMER: Adds extra protection and allows easy and efficient cleanup.
  • CHAIN STRAP: Looks stylish and makes it easier to pull the cover-up.
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE FRAME: Remove the plastic rimmer before dishwashing.

What We Don’t Like 

  • There’s no non-skid rubber on the bottom.

What Buyers Say 

“This 7-inch glass rimmer was perfect for our margarita glasses that were bigger than usual. We also like how they designed the center like a bowl instead of the usual hump so that you can use it as storage for lime wedges.

We think the chain strap was a good addition to the overall appearance, and it makes opening the lid easy. We just wish the lid was a bit tighter so we can use the chain to hang this rimmer.” 

Material: Stainless Steel | Number of Tiers: 1 | Diameter: 7.25” | Dishwasher Safe: Frame only | What’s Included: 1 Lid

Mida Tools Glass Rimmers

Why We Think It’s Great

  • PACK OF 2: Use as a spare container for twice as many rimming ingredients. 
  • 3-TIER DESIGN: Intended to store lime juice, salt, and sugar.
  • INCLUDES 2 ICE TONGS: Get this useful bar tool for free with this set. 
  • COMES WITH A SPONGE: Saves you the trouble of having to buy one separately.

What We Don’t Like

  • The rimmer is quite hard to slide open. 

What Our Editors Say

“We got our money’s worth with this product because it comes with two rimmers and two pairs of tongs for the price of one! The tongs are an excellent addition to your bartending endeavors for picking up ice and garnishes.

The plastic rimmer feels sturdy and heavyweight but well-balanced at the same time. It won’t tip over while you work with your rims.” 

Material: Plastic | Number of Tiers: 3 | Diameter: 6.2” | What’s Included: 2 Ice Tongs

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True Frill Cocktail Rimmer

Why We Think It’s Great

  • FOOD GRADE SILICONE: Ensures safety, durability, and long-lasting usage.
  • RESISTS STAINS: It will still look brand new after each use.
  • NON-SLIP BOTTOM: Ensures the rimmer will stay in place on the counter.
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE: Allows hassle-free cleanup and storage. 

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t work with smaller glasses. 

What Our Experts Say 

“There are 3 main reasons I absolutely adore this glass rimmer, after much trial and error,” says Adriana Dikih, a food blogger at Willamette Transplant.

“First, it has a very wide but shallow tray which allows you to rim a huge variety of glasses (small rocks glasses up to wide specialty margaritas) and the shallow tray doesn’t require much salt or sugar. Second, it’s dishwasher safe and flexible – easy to bend and pour unused salt back into its storage container if you desire. Third, it has grip so it doesn’t slide around the countertop as I’m rimming glasses. 10/10 recommendation!” Adriana added.

Material: Silicone | Number of Tiers: 1 | Diameter: 6.25” | Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Restaurantware Glass Rimming Station

Why We Think It’s Great

  • SPACE-EFFICIENT: A shifting design that allows easy storage in tight spaces.
  • DURABLE PLASTIC: Sturdy enough to serve your bar for years.
  • EQUIPPED WITH FOAM SPONGE: Coat your rim evenly without messy drips.
  • EASY TO USE: User-friendly design, making it effortless to utilize.

What We Don’t Like 

  • This rimmer is a bit expensive.

What Buyers Say 

“The design and color of this glass rimmer complemented our outside bar really well. It also worked like a charm at our tiki party. It was heavyweight and didn’t move around on the counter. It was also quite easy to put away afterward, and we just hand-washed it and closed the compartments easily.”

Material: Plastic | Number of Tiers: 3 | Diameter: 6.25” | What’s Included: Sponge

Final Verdict

The next time you want to add excitement to your cocktails, consider using the best glass rimmers. For starters, you can choose the New Star Foodservice 48377 Rimmer because it is easy to maintain while providing the needed compartments for liquid adhesive and rimming ingredients. 

What delicious rim combinations do you have in mind? Let us know in the comments.  

Best Glass Rimmer Buying Guide

If you are looking for the perfect glass rimmer to make your cocktails look and taste great, this guide is for you. Here we will look at some factors you need to consider to find the perfect one for your needs.


Glass rimmers are usually made of plastic, stainless steel, wood, ceramic, or silicone. Each of these has different price points, advantages, and disadvantages.

  • Plastic: It is the most bought rimmer type because it is affordable and features multiple tiers. However, plastic may not be as durable as other materials and tend to get easily scratched. 
  • Stainless Steel: Ideal for people looking for something more reliable and sturdier. But, These rimmers require frequent maintenance to keep their pristine beauty, and they shouldn’t be exposed to water and salt for a long time.
  • Wood: Sturdy and naturally appealing because of their unique wood grains and color variations. However, since wood is porous, these rimmers tend to lock in moisture from liquids and rot over time. To help avoid this, look for something with a lacquer finish. 
  • Ceramic: This rimmer is aesthetically pleasing with great stain resistance. However, this material is fragile and has a low shock resistance.
  • Silicone: Resilient, dishwasher safe, rust-free, and non-slip. One downside is that it is prone to abrasions and usually contains a single rimmer only.


Most rimmers measure around 4 to 6 inches in diameter, which can cater to different sizes of glasses. You should also consider measuring the bowl in the center of some rimmers because the bigger it is, the more lime slices it can contain. 


Look into the number of tiers a rimmer provides. The most common design offers three tiers, intended for salt, sugar, and an adhesive like lime juice or syrup. There are also single and double compartments if you want a compact design and five tiers for containing more rimming ingredients.

In terms of storage, glass rimmers with shifting compartments are popular among bartenders because they are space-saving and simple to operate. There are also glass rimmers with multifunctional designs like those with lids that can double as a lime wedge plate.

Ease of Cleaning 

Whether a glass rimmer is dishwasher safe or not depends entirely on its material. If you want to save time from cleaning, look for stainless steel or silicone rimmers.

Some plastic rimmers can be dishwasher safe, but strictly top rack. On the other hand, wooden glass rimmers should only be washed by hand.


Plastic rimmers typically cost around $12 to over $20. Meanwhile, those made from wood or stainless steel can be more expensive and reach up to $50. Whatever you pick, ensure that it fits your budget and needs.

Rim a Cocktail Glass FAQ

1. Why do bartenders rim glasses?

There are two main reasons behind rimming glasses – presentation and flavor. A rim can remove the glass’s blandness, especially if you use colorful ingredients such as colored sugar, candies, herbs, spices, etc. 

Moreover, rimming ingredients can help enhance a cocktail’s taste by contrasting sweet and salty or complimenting spicy flavors.

2. What are the best salts to use for rimming glasses?

Kosher salt is usually the first pick for rimming glasses because of the evident crystal-like appearance of each grain. Sea salt is also great because its grain’s form and size are closely similar to kosher’s. Both are commonly used for classic and flavored margaritas as they cut out the fruity sweetness for a more balanced sip.

3. When to use salt and sugar to rim cocktails?

We don’t frown upon different preferences, so you can pretty much rim any cocktail with salt or sugar if it’s within your taste spectrum. But if you’re new to rims and don’t know where to start, applying a salt rim to sweet drinks is the safest option.

The saltiness magnifies the sweetness in a cocktail, making the alcohol seem less bitter, and it works well with citrus-forward cocktails. 

On the other hand, a sugar rim is practical in cocktails with pronounced acidity and tartness as it helps cut it down for a smoother sip. Try it in a martini or citrusy cocktails!

4. How to get the salt to stick to the glass?

The key is choosing the correct liquid adhesive. Water doesn’t hold up well, but it is good if you only want the flavor from the salt. On the other hand, syrups bind the salt well, but they can be a bit messy and too sweet. 

The ideal adhesive for salt is citrus juice, usually lime because it turns sufficiently sticky once it dries out, allowing the salt to stay intact while not overpowering it or the drink.

Why Trust Advanced Mixology?

We believe that our readers should have access to unbiased, well-informed reviews when deciding which products to buy, and we work hard to provide that type of content. Our editorial team is experienced and passionate about mixology and bar equipment. In addition, we often consult with industry professionals when gathering information, which gives us an insider’s perspective on the products we’re reviewing.

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