Sipping LICOR 43 – Spain's Sweetest Liquor? – #Shorts

Do you want a sugary sweet concoction from the Hills of Spain that will get you drunk enough to stumble into a fountain, and then possibly throw up gobs of used twinkie-like substances? Look no further than LICOR 43.

At some point, we’re all going to get to that point where we say “How the hell did I get to be this age?”. It’s even worse when that number flips to starting with a six. But this isn’t a time for decline, absolutely not. It’s time to live!

Mastering The Second Half is all about the joy of life after a certain age. There is so much in store for all of us, from renewed relationships, to travel and adventure, to life changes, and even to exploring the differences between the sexes as we move into our better years.

I’m Rick Higgins and I’m embracing my second half. And I want to take you along with me, Come join the community.

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