Southern Pot of Greens – Part 1 Pot liquor (likker) using an electric pressure cooker.

We kitchen bosses are all about that Southern comfort food goodness…but who has hours of cooking time to cook up a pot of greens the old stovetop way? (Gotta say, though, my great grandmother used pressure cooking on her stovetop back in the early 1900’s).

Enter our stand alone, does-it-all electric pressure cooker (epc). No matter what brand, making this traditional Southern dish requires a couple of steps: browning the meat and onions; adding a cup of stock, and cooking under pressure for about 20 minutes is the first step.

Here, I use an excellent uncured, smoked, lean ham shank, but you could use hamhocks, smoked turkey, smoked beef, smoked tofu, or whatever you like in this first stage.

The meat was browned first on the Saute setting in a stainless steel inner pot, but if your cooker has the nonstick version, haul out your cast iron and brown using that for the best results.

*CLAB TIP: Scrape up any bits that remain in the bottom of the pan after browning. That carmelized magic makes sugars that thicken and add flavor.

Add a cup of stock and the stems (see Cook Like A Boss℠ tip below) after browning and epc for about 15 to 20 minutes on Beef setting, depending on the size of the seasoning meat.

*CLAB TIP: Keep the nutrients in the pot by cutting the stems off of the greens and adding them in this first step. As you rinse and wash the greens, prepare them for quick cooking by tearing the leaves away from the stems; add these stems, too in this first step.

Guess what? You’re fixing to have pot likker!

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