Starting a Smoke Shop Next To My Liquor Store Business

Starting a Smoke Shop while running a Liquor Store. We received an email from a entrepreneur in New Jersey, he currently owns a liquor store. A new space is available next to his business and he now wants to start a smoke shop business. These two businesses are very similar so it can be accomplished. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Any help you all need I am here for you. I will send you in the right direction to execute the start of a successful business. I hope all of you are doing great!

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Chad Wade started his entrepreneurial career in the year 2000, building his sales game up from the bottom. Now the CEO of a Smoke Shop retail franchise in Louisville Kentucky called “Up N Smoke” and also a wholesale business that sells to smoke shops around the Nation, “UNS Wholesale.” With all of his success he now aims to educate the public on how to become Independent and in charge of your destiny, saving you time by breaking down his success and failures.

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