StayRunners | the late-night food and liquor delivery service

StayRunners, the late-night food and liquor delivery service, is offering friends with fridges in Canada a free social network to join to allow them to give away their spare liquor to fellow Canadians in their area in exchange for a Delivery Service Fee. Fellow Canadians must be over the legal drinking age, must not be intoxicated, and must be a fellow friend on the StayRunners network.

Graham Alexander, the founder of StayRunners, said, “If you have in your home fridge some extra liquor that you want to give away in exchange for a delivery fee, we will offer 50% of any profit you make minus costs, plus 50% of any and all tips.”

StayRunners is licensed to operate as a Delivery Service Company in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company offers errand, parcel pickup/drop-off, food delivery, beverage delivery, cigarette delivery, vape delivery, and 24/7 on-demand delivery service in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver.

The 24-Hour Virtual Liquor Store was coined when Alexander had friends who were having a party and needed some more beer and wine to keep the party going as it all ran out. All the liquor stores were closed. His friend called in across town and asked him if he could give him any liquor for free and Alexander responded that he could, as long as he covered his delivery fee. Alexander made a profit on the delivery service fee, and, hence, commenced the 24-Hour Friends with Fridges concept and he sought his delivery license with the City of Vancouver.

Alexander said, “We are looking for any runners across Canada who have their fridge full of liquor and want to keep the party going for fellow Canadians who ran out of liquor at their party and can give the liquor away in exchange for a delivery fee. We split the tips 50/50 as well as any profit and look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial win-win-win relationship, where you become a superhero during the night, keeping many fellow Canadians happy, and, of course, never drink and drive and serve drinks to minors, but make the delivery fast and safe and respect all the safety protocols during the pandemic.”

Graham Alexander is the founder of StayRunners, a Canadian real estate developer and Mexican rapper (“Alcohol”).

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