Sunday AM with JW Tony Morris at the liquor store!

This video shows a pleasant encounter with a sober Jehovah’s Witness Governing Body member Anthony Morris III at a liquor store (Bottle King) in Ramsey, New Jersey about 11 AM on Sunday morning, March 31, 2019. His wife really likes Jameson Irish Whiskey but Tony prefers Macallan single malt scotch whiskey. With the Great Tribulation right around the corner, its to bad Brother Morris didn’t do any informal liquor cart witnessing. Tony carefully loaded up at least 12 bottles of whiskey costing over $1,000 into his older model Cadillac Seville, but even though it was raining, he pushed his empty cart over to the cart corral. He even picked up some liter. Very courteous indeed. Tony showed he was a nice person in public, a gentleman and somewhat of a whiskey connoisseur. Far as I am concerned Tony is a hero who saw the worst of Vietnam and if he wants to buy some whiskey all I can say is he earned every drop!

A well known Jehovah’s Witness Governing Body helper close to Brother Morris released this statement about Tony’s Sunday morning liquor run:
“While I appreciate the concern of the brother who “witnessed” this, I also have some concerns about the assumptions made. Please keep in mind, there are a number of circumstances that others may not be aware of. For example, using the purchase in connection with visitors, graduates from Gilead or the Branch Committee School. Also, over what period of time will these [bottles] be used? As far as dedicated funds, some of our brothers had businesses prior to coming to Bethel. I will not get too personal on Brother Morris’s circumstances in that regard. It does point out that our dear brothers are a “theatrical spectacle,” so please assume the best of our dear brother. Thank you.”

“Like the apostles of Jesus Christ, true Christians today are “on exhibition” and “have become a theatrical spectacle to the world, both to angels and to men.” (1 Corinthians 4:9)

Tony’s only sin here was getting caught. Jehovah’s Witnesses Governing Body members should not be seen in a liquor store. Use a Governing Body helper next time. There is no defense for unnecessarily stumbling your brothers and sisters and interested ones (Luke 17:2). Be discrete Tony!

Brother Morris was an American hero in Vietnam, a medic and operating room specialist who experienced the worst of war. Thank you for your service Mr. Morris.

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Another point of view – Poem for Tony:
When does twelve bottles of whiskey cost you millions of future dollars?
When one has been pointing his finger but did not notice the dirt on his own collar.
That’s the way it is when you play the judge of others.
Millions now shunned by family members even mothers.
No illegal activity was recorded on that tape.
But reproach on your father, guilty is your state.
Easy like a Sunday morning, 45 miles from your Bethel home.
Thought you was slick but were never truly alone.
Let the sheep do the same, they be talked to so quick.
No benefits of the doubt as their reputations take a hit.
What would Jesus do? He turned water into wine.
But he never condemned the lowly ones, he put the Pharisees back in line.
Buying alcohol is not wrong, even the large amount that you bought.
Modesty is what you have preached, but immodesty you were caught.
The ripple effect that you caused may not be felt fully for years.
But Tony you’ve dried up Babylon’s flow of donations, you should of stuck with a case of beer.
A thousand dollar purchase of hard liquor, Macallan’s the name.
Adam tried to divert attention to his wife, matter of fact, you did the same.
Next time Lett says we’re spending more than we are taking in, those in the know will simply think back to Tony.
Millions now living will internally and externally rant, thats not a propehcy, thats what I like to call the truth.
Just give it time.
Mr Morris: This one is for you.
– By Ron A. Strickland

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