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Hillsborough County Liquor License – Tampa Alcohol License

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It is not for nothing that Florida is called the sunshine state, as it is one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays and vacations. The international airport in Tampa is also one of the busiest in the state, as travelers from all over the world choose the Hillsborough County seat as their favored destination. Tampa’s history and diversity are highly impressive, but what attracts visitors most is its lively character and fun opportunities. Sprinkled with small bars and pubs that are filled with local color and character, but also with lovely restaurants and hotels, the city is the perfect scene for a new business and it can never be too full of such places. Opening a bar or a restaurant in Hillsborough County can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially if one ahs limited knowledge of liquor license FL provisions and requirements, which is why the best way to go about it is to contract the services of an alcohol license brokerage firm such as Liquor License FL.

Such a company will help you acknowledge and understand the specific retail licenses and fee information that are particular to Hillsborough County, as well as guide you every step of the way in obtaining the exact type of Florida alcohol license that you need. These companies are called beverage license brokerage firms because they basically help establishments either sell or buy their liquor licenses, acting as intermediaries. As everybody knows by now, the number of such licenses in Tampa is limited, as it is in every county within the state of Florida. Liquor License FL has an impressively large portfolio of available licenses for sale, throughout the state of Florida, and can help you find the right license for you and also handle all of the transfer stages. All transfers come with a fee based on the seller’s gross sales figures. Temporary license fee is $100 and new licenses are also charged, the fee depending on the type of license you need for your establishment. A professional and experience brokerage firm should be able to provide you with all the info regarding fees and costs, as well as special requirements that you need to comply with so that your application is successful.

Special restaurant and hotel licenses are also available in Tampa, Hillsborough County, but the requirements are stricter that the usual Florida Statute, such licenses being issued pursuant to Special Acts. The application process for a Florida alcohol license requires you to get in contact and obtain permits and approval from several departments, such as the Health Department, the Sales Tax Office or the Division of Hotels and Restaurants, and most importantly the zoning department which is why it is best to let Liquor License FL to act as a liaison between your business and the governmental institutions in question. With vast experience in dealing with the authorities and with each and every department needed, Liquor License FL will help make this process easier and quicker for you, so that you can have your business up and running in no time.

866-470-8881 Toll Free

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