Titan Quest: Scandia – Fir Cone Liquor


My build concept:
Im healer.
I can run away.
I need tank.
I need passive damage from minions.


Int, Dex enough for equipment.
other points for Health.
You can get Int, Dex, Health, Energy from Mastery Skill.

Equipment option:
+ resistance
+ Health
boot + run speed
ring + elemental damage for minnions
necklace + leech for minnions
weapon + elemental damage for minnions


“Regrowth” – In the beginning, lern enough for heal full hp in 1 time and up to max level later.

healing modifier
“Accelerated Growth” – max level.
“Dissemination” – max level.

“Call of the Wild” – level up to summon 2 wolfs.
“Sylvan Nymph” – In the beginning, lern level 1 and up to max level after “Summon Core Dweller”, “Metamorphosis”, “Inner Fire” are max level.
“Summon Core Dweller” – max level first before other skill and remove skill “Call of the Wild”.

summon modifier
“Metamorphosis” – lern this skill max Level before “Inner Fire”.
“Inner Fire” – max level.

“Heart of Oak” – max level
“Earth Enchantment” – max level

aura modifier
“Permanence of Stone” – max level
“Stone Skin” – max level

“Heat Shield” – max level

Play style:
Set Options Game Speed “Very Fast”
Set Options Keybinding “Select All Pets” to “F1”.
Set pets behavior to “Aggressive”.
Press “F1” and click on ground where you want your pets run to there.
Press “F2” or “F3” for select “Summon Core Dweller” and click on ground run forward to mob or boss.
Press “F2” or “F3” for select “Sylvan Nymph” and click on ground far away from boss.


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