Top 35 Gifts For The Alcohol-Loving Brother In Your Life

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No matter how much brothers tease or annoy their siblings, they are still loved! After all, they protect their loved ones and always have their backs. That’s why we give them gifts on various occasions to show how much we appreciate them.

If your brother particularly loves alcohol, you’re in luck because we have compiled the best gifts related to liquor, cocktails, and other things related to drinking culture. From cool bartending tools to delicious drinks and snacks, you’ll surely find the perfect gift that will suit him.

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Our Top Picks

Lockban Dragon Wine Stopper

Veronica Thompson, COO of Everyday Power, suggests, “Give him something unique, like this cool wine stopper, so he will immediately think of your gift when he starts drinking. This can help his wines remain as fresh as possible for a long time and is a great conversation starter.”

Since this wine stopper showcases a dragon design, it would be great for bros who love dragon-filled fantasies like in Tolkien’s universe, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and the latter’s recent spin-off series, House of the Dragon.

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The Wine Savant Port Decanter and Sippers

If you want a classy gift for your brother, this decanter set is the way to go. We are amazed by how the port sippers work because they allow the drinker to enjoy fortified wine’s purest, unoxidized flavor.

This set includes four sippers that can be hung neatly using the included decanter’s protruding hangers. We also find the stand at the bottom of the sippers lovely and conveniently safe.

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Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Beer Can and Bottle Cooler

For any brew lover, a cold beer is all that’s needed after a tiring day. So if your brother is one of them, he’ll totally appreciate this beverage cooler!

We like how this container can be used for canned and bottled beer and provides triple insulation to seal in the cold for hours.

It is made from durable stainless steel with copper plating. Furthermore, the body will not condense, and the top cover comes with a bottle opener for convenience.

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QUAFFER Double Bubble Layered Shot Glasses

These shot glasses have a wow factor that’ll excite any alcohol lover! We are impressed with its engineering that uses physics, so the 2.25-ounce chaser stays at the bottom while the 1.25-ounce alcohol is at the top!

They are also made from durable glass that withstands any impact and continuous use. And when it’s time to clean up, simply put them in the dishwasher.

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Alikiki Steampunk Gearwork Mechanical Dragon Mug

A dragon-designed mug will always be a classic gift for brothers who love Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, and other fantasy worlds.

We are blown away by this mug’s level of detail with its pipes and gears, which are very retro and steampunk-inspired.

The mug’s liner is constructed from food-safe stainless steel and high-quality resin. More importantly, the metal cup is glued to the rest of the mug to make it safer and more secure.

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Gemsho Dumbbell Beer Glasses

Although people who go to the gym have to have a healthy diet, they are still allowed to indulge in a cold one from time to time.

And what better way to serve beer than these dumbbell glasses? This set includes two glasses; each can hold 25 ounces of liquid.

Moreover, they are crafted from thick and high-quality glass and are dishwasher-safe. We also like how the dumbbell shape allows the drinker to grip the glass firmly.

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Fun World Skull Beverage Funnel Standard

If your brother loves to wear costumes for events and parties, he’d surely appreciate this cool beer pong!

Thanks to its realistic skull and spinal column design, we recommend this as an accessory if he dresses up as Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat.

It’s made of tough plastic, ensuring it will survive the wildest parties! And the 27-inch spinal tube is very flexible, making it easy to control.

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Rick And Morty Szechuan Dipping Sauce Shot Glass

Only real Rick and Morty fans would know how amazing this shot glass is! This square-shaped shot glass boasts a deep red color and is printed with an enthusiastic Rick Sanchez.

We adore the cool box it comes in—a sturdy Chinese take-out box! You can fill this with your brother’s alcohol or actual Szechuan sauce.

Royal Vintage Whiskey Decanter Set for Brothers

Show your brother that he’s the best in the world with this decanter set! It includes a 25-oz. liquor decanter that displays beautiful and intricate patterns with a sweet dedication.

This container is complemented with two equally beautiful whiskey glasses and four whiskey stones. Every item is thick and solid to ensure a long life span.

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Viking Culture Viking Horn Drinking Cup Shot Glasses with Accessories

This is the best gift for your brother, who enjoys Viking culture. It includes five horn coasters, five horn shot glasses, one mini axe bottle opener, and a serving tray. These drinking cups will surely make him and his friends shout, “Skål!”

We appreciate how the serving tray is designed with holes, so it can fit in a liquor bottle’s neck while holding all five horn Viking cups. The coasters and shot glasses are also made from authentic ox horns and are adorned with Norse rune engravings.

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Jillmo Bartender Bag with 11-Piece Bar Set

This bar set is the perfect companion if your brother likes bartending and traveling. We’re glad that this bag comes with 11 high-quality bar tools, so he can efficiently make tasty cocktails on the go.

The bag is also well-made, from the stitching to its materials, and is designed with sufficient compartments for alcohol bottles and stainless steel and dishwasher-safe bar tools.

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Caliber Gourmet Butterfly Knife Style Bottle Opener

Your brother can skip the teeth action while opening a beer bottle with this “deadly” bottle opener! It takes inspiration from a butterfly knife and works like an actual balisong.

It is made from solid stainless steel with tight screws and a black coating that prevents rusting. We also recommend it for flair bartending.

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Intex Mega Chill II Inflatable Floating Cooler

Does your brother enjoy his favorite beer while chilling in the water? If yes, this inflatable cooler is for him – perfect for the pool or beach parties!

Snuggly fit a 48-quart cooler in it or directly store about 72 cans and ice inside the ice chest. Furthermore, it’s constructed with three air chambers to ensure it doesn’t sink and has built-in handles and cup holders.

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StowCo Small Portable Cooler Bag

This convenient cooler bag is perfect for transporting your brother’s favorite booze. The beverages will stay cold in this bag thanks to the closed-cell foam insulation.

The exterior is made from a robust and sturdy material, while the semi-rigid design keeps the contents intact and prevents clanking.

We also like how it resembles a laptop case, which keeps your goods hidden. Whether your brother carries three wine bottles, ten cans, or six bottles, this bag is up to the task!

GrabOpener H-type: One-handed Bottle Opener

If you prefer to keep your brother’s gift simple, we recommend this compact yet impressive bottle opener. With its innovative design, you only need to use one hand and execute a swift movement to pop the cap.

Additionally, a powerful magnet is incorporated into the design so the caps won’t fall to the ground. We also appreciate that it has a hard industrial coating to resist corrosion and scratching.

Simple Modern Cocktail Martini Shaker

If your brother has a sense of style, gift him this contemporary cocktail shaker. We appreciate the plethora of stunning patterns and colors so that you can pick a design reminiscent of his personality.

The shaker’s double-walled vacuum insulation and the copper coating do an excellent job keeping contents warm or cold. The lid is leak-free and doubles as a jigger that measures ½ and 1 ounce of liquids.

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Binocktails BEV-Bank Hidden Power Bank Flask

While this 8-ounce flask may initially seem like a gag gift, it is actually pretty clever!

It is designed to look like a real power bank and has a light and two USB ports so your brother can smuggle liquor anywhere.

A pouring spout is also included to make refilling easy and mess-free.

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Puffin Beverage Jacket Insulated Can Cooler

This insulated cooler will do the trick if you’re looking for a cute and fun gift.

It can fit a 12-ounce can or bottle and provides the drink with the ultimate temperature retention, thanks to its double-layered thermal insulation.

Best of all, it comes in different colors and designs, allowing your brother to match his outfit with his drink!

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Aarke Carbonator III Sparkling & Seltzer Water Maker

If your brother is a huge fan of sparkling cocktails, a carbonator would be a fantastic gift to give him control and customization.

Despite being an uncommon kitchen gadget, we love that this is very simple to assemble and use. It is also a compact machine, so it’s easy to take anywhere.

This soda maker comes with a drip tray, a cleaning cloth, and a PET water bottle.

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RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator

With this mini fridge, your brother gets to enjoy cold beverages anytime. It is energy-efficient with an adjustable thermostat and a pair of removable shelves that can be rearranged to cater to taller drinks.

We like the reversible door and the capacity that this fridge offers. It would be an excellent addition to home bars, man caves, and other spaces.

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Jack Daniel's Whiskey Praline Pecans

Upgrade your brother’s snack from chips to praline pecans, specially infused with the classic Jack Daniel’s whiskey!

These nuts offer a delicious and unique flavor as they combine the smooth taste of Jack Daniel’s with the sweet and buttery flavor of praline pecans.

Although made with whiskey, the alcohol is cooked off in the process, allowing everyone to enjoy it.

Thoughtfully Cocktails Mix and Match Mini Sampler Cocktail Mixer Set

What happens if you mix two great cocktails? The best of both worlds, of course! This set comes with 20 delectable cocktail mixers that you can mix and match to create unique and delicious drinks.

All you need to add is the base alcohol, some ice, and garnish to complete the beverage. Aside from the amazing combinations, we absolutely love how colorful and cute these 25-ml samplers are – perfect for parties!

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Shaker and Spoon Honeur Abricot Cocktail Kit

If your brother is an aspiring mixologist, a unique cocktail kit like this would greatly help his journey. This kit includes everything needed, except the base alcohol, to create eight glasses of a tasty Honeur Abricot cocktail.

We also appreciate the included bar spoon, made from zinc and stainless steel and conveniently adjustable.

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Brother's Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey

A bottle of alcohol will never go out of style, and the Brother’s Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the perfect gift for your bro!

It is created by The Vampire Diaries actors and onscreen brothers Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley out of their mutual liking for bourbon.

Tastewise, this American whiskey has a refined and very smooth flavor that is complex and well-balanced, with a hint of sweetness and spice. It is great on its own or as a cocktail.

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Strongwater Herbal Cocktail Bitters

Help your brother improve his cocktails with this bartending essential: a set of herbal bitters!

We admire the authenticity behind these bitters as they are made with real botanicals, fruits, and herbs with no added sugar. They are also gluten-free and non-GMO.

A drop of these bitters can transform cocktails into a complex and deep-flavored concoction.

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Red Wine & Cheese Board Gift Set

This gift set would be ideal if your brother has a housewarming party or just enjoys food and wine pairings.

The package includes an assortment of cheese, salami, crackers, mustard, and almonds. It also has a cutting board and a Columbia Crest H3 Red Blend bottle.

The wine has distinct red fruit flavors, including cherry, red plum, currant, and raspberry. It is well-balanced and has a delightfully smooth finish that lingers.

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Regions Of Scotland Whisky Tasting Set

Introduce your brother to some of the best Scotch whiskies with these tasting samplers by Drinks By The Dram.

We love how this tasting set includes five whiskies from different Scotch whisky regions – it’ll be like traveling to Scotland without leaving your home!

The 1-ounce samplers range from 43-46% ABV and boast amazing flavor profiles like smoky, fruity, peaty, floral, malty, and more.

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Runamok Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

The bourbon flavor in this maple syrup will be a tasty addition to your brother’s morning meal or evening cocktail.

It is made with Grade A maple syrup and aged in bourbon barrels, resulting in a sweet, rich, and smoky taste, perfect for pancakes, fresh fruit, nuts, marinades, and more!

We also love that it’s 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free, with no added preservatives.

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How to Drink Like a Writer: Recipes for the Cocktails and Libations that Inspired 100 Literary Greats

This book combines the worlds of literature and mixology by presenting 100 cocktail recipes inspired by well-known literary figures. There are also recommendations for conducting a literary salon and hangover remedies certified by the author.

The recipes are added with creative pictures of the ingredients, ideal food pairings, and interesting information about the writers to make the book a fun read.

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Cocktails of the Movies: An Illustrated Guide to Cinematic Mixology New Expanded Edition

Have you watched a movie with your brother that features a delicious-looking drink, and he said, “I want that drink!”? Well, with this unique book, you can definitely make your brother’s wishes come true.

It offers the 72 best cocktails that have appeared in popular movies, so there is something for everyone. Every drink has its story, full-color illustration, recipe, instructions, and a summary of its on-screen appearance.

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The Beer Review Logbook (Rate and Record Your Favorite Brews)

Who knew that a book this small could record so much detail for up to 124 beers? It makes the ideal gift for dedicated and adventurous beer tasters with its 144 pages formatted with the beer’s name, brewer, style, ABV, flavor profile, and more.

We love that it includes a glossary of terms and a table guide of different beer characteristics. The book is also durable as it is made with hardcover binding, acid-free archival paper, and an elastic band to keep it secure.

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Oqplog Bud Bottle AirPods Pro Case

Even if your brother is listening to music or working from home, he’ll always be reminded of his favorite beer with this Bud Light AirPods case. We are impressed with how it resembles a tiny can of beer without sacrificing functionality.

It is made from durable and smooth silicone and includes a metal carabiner, so it can be securely attached to bags, pants, or wallets. The bottom charging port also contains precisely sized holes, making it easy to charge your AirPods.

RadCraft Industry Relief Coloring Book

“RadCraft Industry Relief Coloring Book is a low-cost gift to purchase for your brother who loves alcohol. It features the logos of more than 20 craft breweries and distilleries across the United States, and all proceeds go back to James Beard Foundation,” states Emily Hutto, Founder & CEO of RadCraft.

Coloring books are believed to improve brain function and reduce stress, making them a perfect gift for your brother who needs a little break.

10oz apparel Beer T-Shirt

While T-shirts are often seen as last-minute gifts, they can also be thoughtful. This shirt would be a suitable gift for brewers and craft beer lovers with its fun wordplay print, “Life is Brewtiful.”

Beyond looks, we like that it’s made from an equal mix of polyester and pre-shrunk cotton, making it comfortable and breathable.

GLOWPONG Green vs Blue Glow-in-The-Dark Beer Pong Game Set

Can you make beer pong more exciting? Yes, by making it glow in the dark! Your party-going brother will appreciate this set because he can share it with his friends.

We like that it comes with cups, ping pong balls, two sets of different colored lights, and a charging unit for the glowing balls. It is easy to assemble, and you don’t need black lights to appreciate the illumination.

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Final Verdict

You can show your brother your love in many ways, but you can always rely on a perfectly curated gift that suits his needs or interests.

Whether it’s a bar tool, a book, or an alcohol set, we hope you find the perfect one for your bro. And once you do, don’t forget to share his reaction in the comments below!

Best Gifts for Your Brother What to Look for

Siblings giving a birthday gift to their brother

If you’re confused about what gift to give your brother, these factors can help clear the path on what will make his drinking endeavors more enjoyable.

A good place to start in gift-giving is to determine the recipient’s personality, likes, needs, or wants. You can list his favorite things beforehand and try to link some products that will complement them.

For instance, if he loves beer, check out beer containers or accessories and determine which one he needs or likes. Furthermore, if your brother loves to learn new things and apply them, a good book on cocktail recipes is the perfect fit.

Additionally, you can buy novelty items from his favorite movie or party products like a beer bong if he is still a young adult. But if he is older, look for something sophisticated, such as a nice decanter or wine gift set. Note that some gifts can be age-neutral as long as they appeal to your brother’s interests.

Brothers can be quite critical about the gifts they receive, so if you want to go on a safe route, get him something handy or something he can immerse himself in. Even if the item is not a need, he can still benefit from it.

In the context of alcohol, you can never go wrong with glassware and accessories because these are necessary during drinking sessions. You can also give your brother something that allows him to make his favorite drinks, such as a cocktail kit or mixer set.

When giving a gift, the item must contain a certain degree of quality for the recipient’s enjoyment and convenience. Always check for the product’s material, build, and ease of use, as these will contribute to its length of usage.

Beyond function, it’s also good when a gift looks eye-catching so it appeals to the recipient. Finally, for consumables like liquor and snacks, you can test them yourself or read reviews to determine if your brother will like the taste.

Spending on expensive things is unnecessary, but if you have the means and think your brother needs the product, you’re free to do so.

There’s also nothing wrong with choosing good-value products. You can even look for things that have discounts or promos to help you save money. Make sure the gift is functional and suits your brother’s interests or needs.

Gifts Ideas for Your Brother FAQ

Two men holding wrapped gifts

How do I make my brother’s gift more special? 

One of the things that can make a recipient appreciate the gift more is unexpectedness. The product must be creative to express your brother’s love for alcohol and symbolize your love for him.

You can also choose an item he has longed to have. Moreover, if you give gifts every year for different occasions, ensure that you find something for your brother that he doesn’t already have. Incorporating variety is a good way to bring excitement to each gift.

Is it okay to gift my brother alcohol?

Yes, but if he is strict with his preference, it’s better to ask him what type of alcohol and brand he likes. If you like to be challenged, ask him what flavor profiles he likes so you can curate a bottle fulfilling that description.

On the other hand, some brothers are laid back with the alcohol they drink. As long as it tastes good, they’re okay with it. This will allow you to be creative and takes the pressure off.

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