Top 8 Things Whisk(e)y Lovers HATE about Liquor Stores (and how to fix it)

Let’s face it, *most* liquor stores kind of suck – but it doesn’t have to be that way! On behalf of whiskey lovers everywhere, Rex and Daniel hopped on a plane and made a video about an often neglected part of the whiskey experience – actually buying a bottle! The Tribe has voted, and Irene Tan is here to pull back the curtain and share exactly what made people fall in love with her store.

If you’re already kicking ass with your liquor store – THANK YOU for being exceptional! If you’ve got room to grow – WWHHIISSKKEEYY.
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Disclosure: Irene Tan covered the cost of travel and a hotel. No additional payment or compensation was made. The experiences and opinions in our content are fully our own.
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