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Purino Party is a puzzle game which offers the player tons of freedom; As long as you do it within a certain amount of time, you’re allowed to move the jewels anywhere you want! Experience a real sense of accomplishment as you create chains and rack up some serious points!

It’s an addictive tile-matching game crossed with what Japan does best: visual novels with cute girls you can fall in love with. It’s the best of both worlds in casual gaming.

The way the game works is simple:

First, choose a girl you’re interested in. After clearing each puzzle, you’ll get to advance to the next scene or conversation with her.

For every scene you complete, you’ll unlock a new piece of artwork. All the ones you’ve unlocked can be viewed in the gallery at any time.

This game features eight romanceable characters, with each route containing five chapters for your enjoyment.

Don’t worry if you can’t clear a stage on your first try; the difficulty level can be lowered to make this game accessible even to beginners.

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