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Do you have a bourbon lover in your life? If so, you’re probably looking for the best gifts for bourbon drinkers. Finding unique presents for people who seem to have everything can be tough, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

A bottle of bourbon seems like a straightforward gift, but many amazing products related to this whiskey also tap into another area of interest. This blog post will share some of our favorite gift ideas for bourbon aficionados. Whether they love to drink bourbon neat or enjoy mixing it into cocktails, we’ve got something for everyone. 

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Our Top Picks

Bourbon Glassware and Barware

One of the best gifts for bourbon drinkers is glassware and barware. If your friend or loved one enjoys drinking bourbon, they probably don’t have all of the necessary glassware. A set of rocks glasses and decanter are essential for enjoying bourbon neat or on the rocks. 

C CHATEAU TROUVAILLE Tilting Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Nothing beats a glass of bourbon late at night, but we have a little secret that will make your loved one’s experience even better: tilting crystal whiskey glasses! Because of its spherical bottom, you can tilt this glassware in any direction without spilling and spin it indefinitely!

The glass is of high quality, owing to its finest ultra clear lead-free crystal and hand-blowing process. Its rotatable design is said to alleviate stress and anxiety while drinking. We also adore the beautiful and intricate patterns on the exterior of the glass.

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Norlan Whisky Glass Set

The eye-catching design of these bourbon glasses isn’t just for show; they also serve several purposes. The double-walled construction prevents dew from forming on the surface, while the concave outer rim fits the lower lip perfectly and allows bourbon lovers to sip comfortably.

We are impressed with how the interior includes protrusions that help the bourbon aerate and reduce alcohol intensity. This is supported by the body’s unique shape, which helps hold the aromas and diffuse them for a more immersive bourbon drinking experience.

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Greenline Goods Whiskey Glasses

It’s not every day you see glassware with intricate details like this! These bourbon glasses feature a finely etched image of a street grid with map coordinates. Choose among the 29 maps, depending on where your recipient lives or where their roots are.

These whiskey glasses are lead-free and have a weighted bottom that adds to their sturdiness and durability. You can clean them in a dishwasher as the glass are break-resistant, and the map etching will not fade.

Liiton Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass Set

If your friend misses hiking in the mountains, perhaps these whiskey glasses can let them reminisce about their fun adventures. Inside this one-of-a-kind glassware, you’ll see beautiful mountain ranges that stretch along the sides.

We like the visually appealing canyons and how they help aerate the bourbon, enhancing the flavors and releasing its complex aromas. Furthermore, they are made of premium lead-free crystal glass with a thick and heavy base, ensuring reliability.

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The Wine Savant Football Decanter with Whiskey Glasses

When watching a football game with a bourbon lover, giving this decanter set would make the experience even more memorable. It features two whiskey glasses and a stunning decanter in the shape of a football.

The pièce de résistance for us has to be the golden hand, fashioned like it’s catching the football and serves as the holder. Because the glasses and decanter are constructed of lead-free borosilicate glass, they are safe to use with alcohol and have excellent resilience to drastic temperature fluctuations.

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Tyab Star Wars Stormtrooper Whiskey Decanter Set

Everyone knows that May 4th is Star Wars Day but did you know that on that date in 1964, bourbon was declared America’s native spirit? So if your loved one adores the drink and the franchise, this decanter set is a no-brainer gift.

The Stormtrooper glasses and decanter are made of lead-free borosilicate glass, a strong and durable material that does not retain or impart tastes and smells. The glasses also have a double-walled design that prevents condensation on the outside.

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Homia Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser

A tasty smoke infusion would improve the flavor of any cocktail, and we believe this smoking gun would do a fantastic job! The package is an outstanding value since it already includes everything needed for smoking and bonus tools for cleaning.

Your bourbon lover can also bring this device anywhere they go to smoke cocktails and food because it is battery-operated. Additionally, it includes a single button control and offers two smoking speeds for convenience.

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Elevated Craft 28 Oz Hybrid Cocktail Shaker

With this hybrid cocktail shaker, mixing bourbon-based drinks has never been easier. It is built of pro-grade 18/8 stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and cleanliness. We found the built-in strainer and the measurement labels in the 6-ounce lid very convenient.

Additionally, the body is concavely bent for comfortable handling. This leak-proof cocktail shaker has a double-wall vacuum insulated design, which will keep your cocktail mixture chilled while preventing frostbite on your hand.

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Pine Ridge Whiskey Bourbon Barrel Drink Coasters

These perfectly crafted drink coasters allow your bourbon lover to sip their favorite liquor in flair. We love how these are practical for the bar and make a lovely decoration for the home. Although they appear to be wood, these coasters are constructed of hard polyresin material.

This set includes five coasters; all tucked into a container in the shape of a whiskey barrel. Each coaster has a padded bottom that is non-slip and non-skid to keep them from moving on any surface and prevent scratches.

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Bourbon Drinking Accessories

Every bourbon drinker needs a few key accessories to help them enjoy their favorite spirit. If your friend or loved one doesn’t have all the essentials, this is the perfect place to start.

Nathan James Carter Rolling Bar Cart

If the bourbon drinker in your life enjoys having guests over, this bar cart will make a useful present. The cart’s lowest level features a gorgeous and durable nutmeg shelf, while the upper level is made of transparent tempered glass.

Furthermore, it has a thick and sturdy metal frame powder-coated in a sleek, matte black finish. We also appreciate that its handle is comfortable and has a raised design, allowing easy and smooth maneuvering.

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Oak Infusion Spiral 2-Pack Barrel Age Your Whiskey

This oak infusion spiral allows you to age and customize your favorite bourbon without oak barrels! We love that the spirals are made to fit into any standard 750 ml bottle and only require you to age your drink in weeks, not months or years.

This innovation produces the same results as a barrel without taking up all the space in your home. Time also speeds up since there is more surface area in contact with the drink. The spiral is made of American oak char and can be used for any liquor, not just bourbon.

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Blanton's Bourbon Set of Stoppers

If your loved one enjoys Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon, you understand how valuable these stoppers are for them. The eight stopper pieces in this set are each identified by a letter, and when put together, they form the word BLANTON’S.

The stoppers feature an ornate and eye-catching design of a jockey riding a horse, Blanton’s trademark. Although the horses and jockeys initially appear identical, they each pose differently to symbolize the many stages of a race, which we find clever and original.

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Sofia’s Findings Personalized Engraved American Premium Oak Aging Barrel

Do you have an average-tasting bourbon? Don’t worry! With this aging barrel, you can make any bourbon taste like its top shelf. This handcrafted barrel boasts outstanding construction from American White Oak of the highest grade.

The interior is charred to a medium, while the exterior sports a laser engraved label and black steel hoops. We like that you can personalize it specially dedicated to your giftee. It also comes with a spigot, bung, stand, and instructions.

Birdrock Home Wooden Serving Tray with Handles

With this serving tray, your giftee won’t have to go through the hassle of serving their guests one at a time. We’ve chosen a tray made of heavy and durable wood that complements the rustic feel of bourbon barrels.

The wood is well-polished, and the outside is wrapped in a thin galvanized steel to add to the rustic look. Two strong handles are screwed to each side of the tray for easy transport, and four felt pads are on the bottom to protect surfaces.

CairnCaddy Bamboo Whiskey Glass Holder

This glass holder allows bourbon lovers to store and display their nosing glasses beautifully and conveniently. We think the integrated handle on this holder makes it much better because you can carry it easily wherever.

When the whiskey glasses are hung, there is sufficient room between them to prevent collisions. Additionally, there is a half-inch gap between the base and the glasses for drying purposes.

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VSSL Glass Infused Adventure Flask

We’ve found the ideal present for bourbon-crazed outdoor lovers! We are astonished by the variety of features this flask offers, including an 8-ounce container for bourbon, an oil-filled precision compass, two collapsible shot glasses, a bottle opener, and a 4-mode light.

This flask’s 200-lumen light has four settings: bright, dim, red, and SOS flash. Carefully designed to keep your liquor safe and secure, its compass provides reliable findings with highly visible labels, so you’ll never get lost.

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Bourbon Flavorings and Snacks

When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for bourbon drinkers, you can’t go wrong with unique flavorings and snacks. For the ultimate bourbon lover, why not give them a gift basket filled with all their favorite whiskey-flavored goodies?

Woodford Reserve 13.5 Oz Bourbon Cherries

Savor the taste of bourbon in these all-natural cherries. The cherries were harvested at the peak of ripeness and soaked in Woodford Reserve for a minimum of three months. They can be eaten as is or added to your favorite holiday cocktail.

We recommend garnishing a glass of Champagne or an Old Fashioned with one of these cherries for a special holiday toast. They come in a beautiful jar that can be reused for storage or decoration, making it a nice hostess gift.

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Crown Maple 12.7 Oz Bourbon Barrel-Aged Organic Maple Syrup

How would you like to have your morning pancakes dripping with bourbon maple syrup? This unique product has been aged in bourbon barrels from some of the country’s finest distilleries. We can’t get enough of its deliciously smoky and rich taste with hints of vanilla and butter.

The multi-dimensional flavor of the syrup is perfect for pancakes, waffles, French toast, yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream, and so much more.  And because it’s made with organic ingredients, you can feel good about serving it to your friends and family. 

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Bitters Bundle

These bitters add delicious complexity to cocktails and are perfect for bourbon lovers who like their drinks with extra flavor. Barrel-aged in authentic Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels, the result is a balanced and nuanced taste without cloying sweetness.

This gift set includes Woodford Reserve bitters’ four popular flavors: Aromatic, Spiced Cherry, Orange, and Chocolate. We suggest trying them in a Manhattan or Sazerac.

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Oak & Bond Coffee Co.Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

“Shopping for bourbon drinkers can be hard because they often have all the typical bourbon-related products already (like glasses, drink stones, or drink mixing tools). So, you have to get a bit creative and think of something they have maybe never tried before,” says Katie Ferguson, owner of KT Likes Coffee.

“Bourbon barrel-aged coffee from Oak & Bond fits that exact description and makes a truly unique gift for bourbon drinkers. With a rich flavor and smell, it’s the perfect blend and tastes just like drinking bourbon-flavored coffee”, she adds.

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Woodford Reserve Bourbon Ball Gift Box

Chocolate is one of the best treats to pair with bourbon, but with this decadent chocolate box, your giftee can taste the wonderful pairing in one! These are made from cream, butter, and the star of the show – Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

We love how these treats have a balanced taste, with the pecans adding a wonderful touch to the bourbon and chocolate combo.

TORTUGA Southern Trio Cakes Gift Pack

Bourbon in cakes? Count us in! This gift pack includes three varieties of bourbon-infused cakes: Kentucky Bourbon Butter, Tennessee Whiskey Spice, and Moonshine Apple Pie.

Only the freshest and best-quality ingredients are used to make these pastries. Plus, they are vacuum sealed to preserve all the freshness and deliciousness. These cakes would make an excellent gift because they are not only tasty but also well-packaged.

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Hijinx Ice Cream Mix

Marketing Specialist of Hijinx, Sarah White, proposed another way for bourbon lovers to enjoy their favorite spirit – as ice cream!

“An Old Fashioned or Kentucky Mule ice cream is the perfect accouterment for an evening with friends or a party of one. And you don’t even need to know ice cream chemistry or own a bulky ice cream maker to make it. You simply blend your cocktail with Hijinx mix, milk, and freeze!” she says.

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Books About Bourbon

Bourbon drinkers are passionate about their drink of choice and always looking to learn more about it. That’s why a bourbon book or learning material makes an excellent gift for them. There are many great options out there, so you’re sure to find something that the bourbon drinker in your life will love.

Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey

If you know someone who wants a deep dive into bourbon’s beginnings and progression over the years, this is the book you should give them. It tackles in detail the rich history and culture that back up the success of bourbon today and how it has stayed relevant.

Besides the immersive bourbon journey, we think the 100 images and illustrations featured in the book make it more interesting. The structure and words capture Fred Minnick’s (author) dedication and passion for whiskey.

The Kentucky Bourbon Experience: A Visual Tour of Kentucky’s Bourbon Distilleries

If you couldn’t take your loved one on a tour of the amazing Kentucky Bourbon distilleries, this book would do the trick! The brain behind it is Leon Howlett, a professional photographer. The amazing pictures will make one feel like they are taking an actual expedition of the distilleries.

It focuses on eight Commonwealth bourbon distilleries: Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey, Woodford Reserve, Barton Brands, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Heaven Hill, and Jim Beam. You’ll also learn about the history of the distilleries, as well as their products.

The Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails: 100 Timeless, Creative & Tempting Recipes

If the bourbon lover in your life wants to learn how to make unique bourbon cocktails, we assure you that this book is the one to get. It contains a hundred recipes categorized according to their flavor profiles – savory, fruit-forward, decadent, tart, hot, frosty, and punches.

Aside from the recipes, one gets to learn more about bourbon, like what it’s made of, the process of making it, its history, and more!

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Pappyland: A Story of Family, Fine Bourbon, and the Things That Last

Bourbon lovers know that Pappy Van Winkle is one of the most prominent and expensive brands of bourbon, and this book is the perfect way to learn more about it. The story dates back to Julian Van Winkle III and covers the fascinating tale of Pappy Van Winkle’s beginnings and subsequent developments.

In the next chapters, the book discusses autobiography, biography, Kentucky history, philosophy, and even the origins of bourbon.

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Bourbon-Inspired Self-Care & Wearables

For the bourbon lover who could use some self-care, consider a gift that celebrates their favorite spirit. A set of bourbon-scented soap or body wash is perfect for someone who loves to relax with a glass of whiskey. For the more active bourbon drinker, there are plenty of options for stylish clothing and accessories showing off their love of the drink.

UAB KIDKIS That's What I Do I Drink Bourbon And I Know Things T-Shirt

Nothing screams “I love bourbon and Game of Thrones!” more than this shirt. You can choose your friend’s favorite color among Black, Navy, Asphalt, Cranberry, and Royal Blue. Depending on the shirt’s color, it can be made entirely of cotton fabric, an equal blend of cotton and polyester, or 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

No matter what you choose, we like that this shirt is breathable and lightweight, perfect on hot days. It’s also machine washable for easy clean-up.

Mistral Bourbon Vanilla Organic Bar Soap

Does your loved one enjoy the scent of bourbon? If so, you can get them to smell like it with this bourbon organic bar soap! It accurately captures the rich aroma of bourbon casks and golden tobacco leaves accompanied by sweet vanilla.

This soap is triple-milled and high in moisturizing glycerin and grapeseed oil, ensuring that your skin is soft and smooth after every wash. It also does not have alcohol in its formula or parabens, phthalates, tallows, animal fats, or coloring agents.

Cremo Rich-Lathering Bourbon & Oak Body Wash

If your friend or family prefers a body wash, we recommend this refined bottle from Cremo. They’ll come out of the shower feeling relaxed and smelling like a harmonious combination of bourbon and oak!

The secret behind its majestic scent is the distiller’s use of spice, fine bourbon, and white oak. Witness how much aromatic complexity you can sense and how it evolves intricately from the top, middle, and base notes.

iTungsten Carbide Whiskey Barrel Oak Ring

Let your bourbon drinker be extra fashionable with this whiskey barrel oak ring. This conversation starter is 8mm wide and sports a beautiful barrel oak wood and antler inlay. The rest of the ring is made of tungsten carbide, which is strong and highly resistant to scratches.

We love that this ring is hypoallergenic and won’t tarnish and turn your fingers green. It has a nice weight, and the ring surface is smooth for comfort.

PerioTees Co. Bourbon Periodic Table of Elements T-Shirt

This shirt is a “scientific” way of telling people that bourbon is the best drink in the world! It cleverly features element symbols that spell out the word “Bourbon,” and you can pick among five different colors for the bourbon lover in your life. 

We like that this shirt has a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem for a presentable and reliable seam and how it feels light and soft, suitable for any weather.

Tub Therapy Whiskey Highball Fizzy Cbd Bath Bomb

According to Tub Therapy owner Cay Tumala, “It can be quite intimidating to gift a bourbon connoisseur if you’re not one yourself, so here’s an idea: Get them something other than a bottle but equally comforting!”

“This bath bomb is reminiscent of an intoxicating fusion of boozy notes and smoked oak combined with vanilla, patchouli, and birch tar that will transport the bourbon lover to happy hour in the tub. It’s infused with full spectrum CBD for an ultra-relaxing soak,” she further explains.

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Bourbon Display Items

These make ideal gifts for the bourbon lover who already has a nice collection. They can be used to show off or complement their prized bottles and make great conversation starters when guests come over.

Taylor Precision Products 92693T Bourbon Barrel Clock with Thermometer

Decorate your friend’s home with this bourbon barrel-inspired clock with a thermometer. This clock sports a realistic wood facade, but it’s made of sturdy resin. Furthermore, it is meticulously hand-painted, making it UV and fade-resistant.

On the other hand, the thermometer provides accurate temperature readings between -60 °F to 120 °F. We appreciate how the numbers are darkened to make them highly visible even at night.

SCRATCH OFF WORKS 50 Best Bourbons Scratch Off Poster

This innovative poster will look good in a room and keep track of the bourbons you’ve tasted! It hides 50 iconic bourbon images, and you have to scratch off the golden gold latex material to unravel them.

The poster is made from the highest quality 110# cover paper stock, and it’s UV coated to make sure it has that sleek and attractive shine. We think that this decorative piece can also be a fun game with friends.

Pattern Pop Personalized Vintage Bourbon Tasting Room Sign

If your friend has a man cave or home bar, this customized sign will greatly add to their personal space. This product is crafted from quality aluminum, which is lightweight, sturdy, and rust and corrosion-resistant.

It’s also designed with rounded edges to avoid accidents and already comes with two pre-drilled holes for convenience. It has a distressed look, too, so we recommend getting this sign for vintage-themed homes or rooms.

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Final Verdict

Whether your loved one is a bourbon beginner or aficionado, we’ve got you covered with the best gifts for bourbon drinkers. With unique and clever ideas they’re sure to love, we hope this list will help make your holiday shopping a little bit easier this year.

And don’t forget – if you really want to make their day, pair the gift with a bottle of their favorite bourbon. Happy shopping!

Best Gifts for Bourbon Lovers – What to Look for

Man and woman clinking glasses of bourbon

Bourbon drinkers are a passionate bunch. They love their whiskey, and they know what they like. So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a bourbon drinker in your life, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

You can never go wrong with practical gifts like glasses and bar tools. But if you want to go above and beyond, you can choose other items based on the person’s interests outside of drinking, like food, clothes, accessories, books, and even bath products.

It’s also helpful to know what the person needs or what they like. For example, if they are Star Wars fans, you can incorporate their love for the movie by giving them a Star Wars-themed bourbon decanter.

When you’ve already decided what gift to buy, you have to ensure that it is durable, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. You don’t want your giftee to think that you just grabbed the first thing you laid your eyes on.

Aside from being well-thought-of, the gift should last for years and better serve the recipient. This factor greatly applies to tools, wearables, and display items.

If you’re giving food, it’s better if the recipient can taste or at least detect the essence of bourbon flavor in it. On the other hand, bath products incorporated with bourbon in their formula should not smell like actual alcohol. Nevertheless, they still have to smell good to serve their purpose.

When gifting consumables, check if they contain something your giftee might be allergic to, so you can steer clear of these products and look for other items more suitable. 

How much are you willing to spend on a gift for a bourbon drinker? Keep in mind that some higher-end items can be quite pricey, so you may need to adjust your budget accordingly. Always buy gifts within your capability while considering the giftee’s best interest.

Gift Ideas for Bourbon Drinkers FAQ

Whiskey Glasses with Ice in a Lounge Bar

1. Can I give a bottle of bourbon as a gift? 

    Yes, you can give a bottle of bourbon your loved one has wanted to try for a long time. But, if you have no prior knowledge about it, give them some of the best bourbon brands for beginners, just to be safe.

    If the giftee is a bourbon aficionado, you may opt for the best-aged bourbons. And if you are staying on budget, choose among these best bourbons under $50

    You can even take this further by giving a personalized bottle of bourbon. Some brands offer customized engraving that will allow you to put anything you want to dedicate to your recipient while still making it seem like an authentic bourbon bottle.

    2. How can I give an infinity bottle as a gift? 

      If you want to get more creative with giving bottles of bourbon as gifts, you can try an infinity bottle. You can fill a bottle with your bourbon of choice or your recipient’s favorite bourbon and provide a list of other whiskeys you recommend to create the infinity effect. You can also give a ready-made infinity bottle featuring bourbons both you and your loved one enjoy.

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