Whiskey Decanter Set With 4 Crystal Glasses, Liquor Decanter, 4 Slate Coasters, 8 Cooling Stones.

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🥃 DELUXE WHISKEY GLASS & DECANTER SET – Drink like a gentleman with this luxurious whiskey decanter set with glasses. Safely lock in the flavor and aroma of your favorite single malt with our 30 oz crystal liquor decanter complete with freshness-sealing stopper. Serve your most impressive aged scotch with the four 11 oz crystal whiskey glasses in each box. Our whiskey gift set is designed for both practicality and unmatched visual elegance. Indulge your inner whiskey lover today!

🥃 DISTINGUISHED RUSTIC-LOOK WOODEN BOX – Harking back to the age-old process of distilling whiskey in seasoned wooden casks, the fire-stained pine box that houses our whiskey glass set boasts an elegantly crafted design you’ll simply love to display. Complete with rich woody scents, the box of this classic whiskey set makes it the ideal gift for the whiskey aficionado in your life.
🥃 KEEP YOUR DRINK PURE & CHILLED – A good whiskey is a delicate symphony of notes, a finely balanced mix of dried fruits, smoky peat, honied nuttiness and more. Don’t tolerate flavor dilution – ditch the ice and enjoy refreshingly chilled and full flavored whiskey with the 8 non-porous granite cooling stones in every set!


Enjoying a fine glass of whiskey demands a certain sense of formality.

Generations of men have bonded and relaxed in the company of this heady amber nectar, partaking in time honored serving traditions to fully appreciate their artisanally distilled drink.

This complete Whiskey Decanter and Whiskey Glass Set is designed to give you everything you need to fully experience the flavor and complexity of your favorite whiskey, scotch or bourbon.

By combining quality materials and elegant design with raw masculine practicality, our Whiskey Decanter and Whiskey Glass Set are created to elevate your whiskey drinking habits to a higher level.

So indulge in a little drinking sophistication – click ADD TO CART and buy now to experience your scotch, whiskey or bourbon the way it was intended.

Each Whiskey Decanter Set Includes…
● 8 x Cooling Stones
● Freezer base and pouch
● 4 x attractive Slate Coasters
● Regal Fire-Stained Pine Box
● 4 x 11 oz lead-free Crystal Glasses
● Stainless steel Whisky Stone Tongs
● 30 oz Crystal Decanter for Whiskey/Scotch/Bourbon

Is the Decanter airtight?
Yes, the custom-made stopper on our Decanter has an airtight seal. This works to lock in essential freshness so you can fully savour the complexity and character of your drink.

Is this set lead-free?
Yes. Every item in this premium set is 100% lead-free to offer you a safe and pure way of enjoying your drink of choice.

Buy today with complete peace of mind – you’re covered by our 30 Day Smooth Scotch Money Back Guarantee. Click ADD TO CART and buy now to experience your scotch, whiskey or bourbon the way it was intended.

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