Whiskey Gift Set for Men – Cowboy-Themed Novelty Premium Liquor Accessories – 2 Whiskey Set Giftpack

Ready to call it a day?

There’s nothing quite like the warm satisfaction that a good glass of whiskey brings. The sensation you get when the liquor flows over your palate and down your throat is something many people to look forward to especially after a long day at work.

Unless you’re having a really bad day, whiskey is not something you pound on; instead, it’s something you savor one sip after another. And in order to truly enjoy that dram, we have the perfect accessories for you.

Relax in pure style with the Vero Crest Whiskey Pete Novelty Drinking Set!

This deluxe set of of drinking accessories is perfect for giving your beverage of choice the star treatment it deserves. Our cowboy-themed set is complete with everything you need for a good glass of whiskey. The metal-cornered pinewood case and engraved glasses and ice bullets give it a more exclusive appeal that is sure to turn heads and start conversations.

Our ice bullets let you enjoy your favorite drink with its fullest flavor–the way the makers intended it to be. Because it isn’t watered-down, the last sip will be just as great as the first. Plus, how cool would it be to drink from a glass with bullets swirling inside? You can’t get any more Wild West than that.

And it doesn’t matter what you’re planning to have–American, Scotch, Canadian, Japanese or single-malts or blends. Our drinking accessories will let you fully enjoy them down to the last drop.

Still having second thoughts? Here are more reasons to love our set of novelty drinking accessories:

– Super-value pack

– Excellent gift for liquor lovers

– For home and office use

Give your favorite bottle the treatment it deserves. Enjoy the Vero Crest Whiskey Pete Novelty Drinking Set TODAY

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