【STARDEW VALLEY】Mining and Drinking at the same time【&cider | Lou Mei-Ling】

First collab with Tapsi!

Today, we’re gonna play Stardew Valley while drinking~

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Yabai: #SpicyLomi


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・Be respectful to other viewers including myself. Any forms of discrimination, harassment, drama, doxing (even speculations), etc. are not welcome here.
・No spam or trolling. Just block, report, and ignore those.
・No spoilers please unless I ask for it!
・Please stay on-topic with the livestream. No unrelated topics or personal side conversations.
・Do not mention other VTubers unless I mention them first. That includes mentioning me in other VTuber’s streams.
・You can chat in any language as long as the rules above are followed.


Teresa Almira P. Silangan aka Tapsi

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