Aiming on beating DK 2-0 "I want go to 2022 Worlds, even as 4th seed"

📢 KT Aiming
📆 29th July, 2022
🕑 LCK Summer 2022, W7D3 – DK vs KT
📝 #lck #leagueoflegends #aiming

0:00 Intro
0:16 Hello
0:28 Defeating DWG KIA
0:49 Rating KT’s and his own performance against DK
1:16 Why Aiming isn’t happy with his performance
1:33 Aiming picks the best player from KT today
1:59 Is KT a bot-lane oriented team?
3:20 How KT Rolster found its teamwork over soju
5:02 Reflecting on KT barely missing out on spring playoffs
5:55 Aiming, are you confident in making worlds?
6:35 What would qualifying to worlds mean to you?
7:35 A surprise English message from Aiming

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