Baijiu: China’s Most Feared and Loved Drink with a 5,000 Year Old History – Drink China (E2)

With an alcohol content that goes up to 70%, Baijiu is clearly not for the faint-hearted. Yet, the 5,000 year old spirit is China’s national drink. Bottles of the heady, strong liquor can be found at nearly any event in China — government banquets, weddings, business meetings, and even birthday parties. In this episode of Drink China, we find out what the different types of Baijiu are and why the country can’t live without it.

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0:00 Baijiu taste test
1:24 Baijiu 101
3:22 The Baijiu Golden Triangle
3:51 Inside a baijiu factory
6:45 The distillery’s rockstar
7:41 Baijiu in Chinese culture
8:34 Brands making baijiu hip and trendy
9:38 Making waves overseas

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Producer: Jessica Novia
Videographer: Guo Yong & Russell Chan
Editor: Nicholas Ko
Animation: Stella Yoo
Mastering: Victor Peña

Music: Audio Network

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