Cooking Filipino food and drinking Ginebra w/Mr Bulbul and Stichchoi!

One of my favorite things about being a YouTuber in Korea is meeting all the other amazing people creating videos here. I recently had the chance to meet up with Mr. Bulbul and Stichchoi in Bucheon, South Korea. We had a fun evening of cooking pulatan (Filipino food) called chicharon, and drinking together. Stich even tried Ginebra for the first time!

In this video, foreigners try to cook Filipino food for the FIRST time, and we try Filipino alcohol! While I have tried Filipino food many times, I have never attempted to cook it before. So today I met up with these awesome guys to try cooking chicken skin chicharon!

The highlight was watching stich try the filipino liquor for the first time! You’ll surely enjoy his reaction as much as I did!

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