Struggling to get hold of CLEANING PRODUCTS? Looking for an easy Multi purpose cleaner that you can make at home? Want to know how to turn scraps into a great all natural cleaning spray?? Then this DIY CITRUS CLEANING SPRAY is the perfect tutorial for you!

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Now more than ever is a great time to learn how to make cleaning products, especially with store shortages on essential home products. And this 2 ingredient natural cleaner is the perfect way to start!

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How To make Cleaning Spray: DIY Citrus Cleaning Spray
• Peel from Any Citrus Fruit
• Distilled Vinegar (also known as Distilled Malt Vinegar)
• Distilled or Freshly boiled then cooled Water (Optional)

Making your own homemade cleaning product is a great way to kick off Spring Cleaning 2020. But most commercial cleaning sprays are filled with strong chemicals, harsh fragrances and generally unpleasant ingredients! Natural cleaning products are a great way to start non toxic cleaning – but they’re also often just as effective and incredibly affordable!

Distilled Vinegar might sound fancy but it’s literally the cheapest vinegar you can find! It’s clear in colour and a little milder than white and spirit vinegars – making it perfect for a citrus cleaning spray that can be used on delicate surfaces. The natural acidity found in vinegar can dissolve away soap scum, the brines left by hard water and even residue glue! It’s also great for getting rid of stains, and cleaning windows and mirrors.

However do not use this natural cleaner on marble or granite surfaces as the vinegar can etch away at the stone!

This DIY Citrus Cleaning Spray is completely customisable – so you can find the perfect fragrance for your home! Simply change the citrus fruit, add some fresh herbs and spices or even essential oil! Just remember that some surfaces should not come into contact with oil, so bare that in mind when you make adjustments to this natural cleaning product recipe.

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