Does Alcohol Go Bad, Stale or Expire?

Hard alcohol is a preservative, right? Well, you’d be amazed to find out that a great pure alcohol, like a Reposado tequila can still go “off” even in a three to six month period of time. So…what does that mean to you?

It doesn’t mean you’re going to just be sick drinking your spirits, because it’s not going to make you sick from any hidden microbes, but it may just taste a bit funny.

Now, a liqueur under 17% may get thicker, lose more alcohol and perhaps could create some level of bacteria as the alcohol evaporates and the sugar sits for extended periods of time. Now, it’s tough for many microbes to live in a lot of sugar, but it could crystalize, get thicker than it started or gel up a bit.

In any case, maybe buying fresh bottles every now and again is a better idea?

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