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Hi guys,

We are back with another video featuring our Korean friends where they tried our homemade Romanian food.

In this video we invited two other friends of us to try our Romanian food called “Moussaka” which is a dish that is usually cooked in Balkanic countries and East European countries. The dish is similar with the Italian lasagna but instead of the lasagna pasta we put potatoes, as you may know East Europeans love potato dishes a lot.

As our tradition Romanians are drinking a shot of pălincă(palinka) or țuică (strong alcohol made by apple or plum). As we did in the previous videos, we showed them a real Romanian habit so we gave them to try 40% alcohol țuică, before eating the dish as well. Special thanks to our friend Bianca for giving us the drink for the guys to taste it.

“Moussaka” ingredients:
Tomato sauce
Salt, parsley, pepper
Minced pork meat
Bechamel sauce

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Thank you for participating to our video and hope you enjoyed the food.

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*The recipe of our dish is based on our knowledge and taste so it’s not a fixed recipe. Each region and country may have different type of this dish. In Romania usually it contains minced meat, but in other regions, like Greece it contains eggplant for example, and so on.

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