Forget SOJU!! Korean Cocktails that will AMAZE you (ft. traditional liquor)

‘Jangseng Healthy Bar’ located in the Yeongdong traditional market, south of Seoul, is one of the most popular bars in Korea where young Koreans visit to drink special Korean cocktails and take out their phones take pictures of their beautiful cocktail specialties.

This bar makes special cocktail drinks using Korean traditional liquor bases and herbal ingredients which is why Mr. Leo Seo, the owner of the Jang Seng Healthy Bar, says with pride, “no matter how many drinks you have, the next day, your head will be clear as the morning dew.”

Well, not quite sure but if you want to know if that’s true, go try out the drinks yourself and share your experience. 😝😝

We invited two guests, both from the U.S., to sample the cocktails that are made with Korean traditional liquor, and tell us what they think. They were surprised by the amazing presentation of these cocktail drinks, but would they also be wowed by their taste?

Check out their reactions in the video!

00:00 Introduction
00:21 Introducing our guests
00:54 What is Jangseng Healthy Bar? Who is the bartender?
02:18 ‘Joseon Collection’: the four main drinks
02:56 1. Gyeongdae
04:59 2. Daebak
06:36 3. Hyo-jae
08:10 4. Four Seasons – Summer
10:16 Ryan’s live performance – ‘Saturday’
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