From Wine to Soju: Stories from the Master Sommelier

June 19, 2020 – Early on in his life, Kyungmoon Kim discovered that he had an exceptional palate. As he immersed himself in the world of wine, he leveraged his palate and his natural aptitude for memorization to build an extensive base of wine knowledge. In 2016, Kyungmoon Kim won the Master Sommelier Certification and joined the Court of Master Sommeliers; currently, there are only 247 Master Sommeliers worldwide.

Now Kyungmoon Kim is expanding the horizon in the beverage world and taking on the mission to bring exciting artisanal soju from Korea to the U.S.

Listen to the Master Sommelier’s unique story and his exploration of the world of wine, traditional Korean liquors, and cocktails. He will also offer a few tips on creating delicious cocktails at home.

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