How To Make Drunken / Vodka Infused Gummy Bears 【RECIPE INCLUDED】 DJs BrewTube Beer Review

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Its time for DJs BrewTube to share another SNEAKY alcoholic party treat for you to enjoy with your friends and family. What teat you ask? Well, none other then the cute little cousin of the Jello Shot, Drunken / Vodka Infused Gummy Bears. I think you will find this one particularly useful when friends are over who are looking for a fun party treat.

One of the most popular candies in the world is Gummy Bears. So, why not make said candy even more fun by adding booze. 🙂 Drunken / Vodka Infused Gummy Bears are super easy to make and are a great addition to other adult beverages being served. Don’t worry, as always DJ has you covered with the step-by-step recipe for How to Make Drunken / Vodka Infused Gummy Bears. Just check the notes below. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and the Gummies.

How To Make Drunken / Vodka Infused Gummy Bears Step-By-Step RECIPE:

1) 2-Jars
2) Mesh Strainer
3)1- Bowl
4) 1- 5oz Bag of Gummy Bears
5) 1-1.5 Cups Vodka
6) Bottle Kool-Aid Concentrate

✦PREP.: Place half the Gummies in each jar. Pour half the vodka in each jar covering the Gummies. Soak the Gummies refrigerated for 2 days shaking jar occasionally. Store in a the covered jar or container refrigerated. Once you infuse the gummies they become like Jello / Gelatin and will melt if not refrigerated.

☯OPTION for folks who want their Gummies to taste less boozy:
Add 4-squirts of Kool-Aid concentrate to flavor the Gummies and refrigerate for 1 more day. Strain & separate.

☆☆☆SERVE, RELAX & ENJOY!!!!☆☆☆

✭✭ Warning ✭✭: This is a POWERFUL, SNEAKY party treat. Enjoy responsibly.

△What to do with the left over infusion liquid or Gummy Bear “Bathwater”△

The leftover liquid is generally referred to the “bathwater”. 🙂 Some folks like to drink it straight up and other folks dump it. I’ve made a gummy bear screwdriver with it before too. It is just vodka with flavoring in it so no need to waste it. Let me know how you use it if you do. 😉

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