How To Make Potato Vodka

I have wanted to make potato vodka for a long time. Why I’m not entirely sure, I guess I just like to try different things.

It turns out potatoes vodka tastes great. A little different, but interesting and unique.

If you want to make your own you can follow this recipe:
20 kg (44 lb) of high starch, or roasting potatoes. Brushed not peeled.
5.5 kg (12 lb) of crushed malted barley
Plenty of water (present to drink water)
3 tablespoons of bakers yeast (I used “Angel”)

Put the potatoes into a large pot and steam them for 45 min (or until tender and easily crushable)
Mash well
Add 8-10L of water ( 2.1 – 2.6 gal)
Mix well and ensure all larger pieces of potato are crushed
Slowly mix in the malted barley
Gently bring the temp up to 63 c (146 f)
Let mash for one hour (or until you pass the starch test)

Cool to pitching temp 25c ( 77 f)
Pitch the yeast and ferment at 25c
Let ferment go until fermented out. Optionally let the ferment sour slightly by waiting another 1-3 days.

Strip distil the whole batch
(you will either need to strain the wash first or use a suitable still to distil on the grain)

Distil the low wines with 3-4 plates or reflux still.

Make appropriate cuts and proof down to your desired abv/proof.


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