How To Make Yakult Soju Recipe – Yakult Soju Ratio

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How To Make Yakult Soju Recipe (YAKULT MIX DRINK)

HOW TO MAKE YAKULT SOJU AT HOME – RECIPE: My friends and I recently had a taste of Yakult SojuAt Gen Korean BBQ MOA, and one of the most memorable items we had that night was the Yakult Soju. I’ve heard it isn’t offered in the other Gen Korean BBQ branches in other countries.

It was sooo good that we decided to see if we can hack our way through the Yakult Soju recipe. Suprisingly, the end product was pretty good, and tasted just about the same as the one we had at Gen Korean BBQ MOA! Check out the Yakult Soju recipe below:

1 Bottle Soju
500 ml Sprite
2 65ml bottles of Yakult


1. Pour the whole bottle of soju in a separate container. For our soju, we used the Jinro Chamisul brand. This one’s easy to find in supermarkets.
2. Add the two bottles of 65ml Yakult.
3. Add Sprite. You may pour the whole bottle or not, depending on how strong you want your Soju drink to be.

This recipe is good for up to three people (depending on how much you can drink). If you need to prepare for more pax, just be sure that you follow the Yakult Soju ratio in the recipe above.

What I liked about the Yakult Soju, is that it’s predominantly sweet yet you can fill slight kicks of soju in every sip. Not to mention the fact that the Yakult makes it a healthy drink for your tummy. It’s also super easy to prepare! Simple mix the ingredients within the right ratio and voila! You have a tasty party drink for your next drinking session. Be wary though because the sweetness might make you drink more, making it hard to track how much alcohol you’ve already had.

It’s that simple! Now you have something new to offer to your drinking buddies, other than the usual gin cocktails and mixes.

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