I filmed a FRESH GRAPE SOJU Commercial in my New Apartment ! | Behind the Scenes Ground Up Tutorial

What’s goin on people of the Internet! I’ll be starting off this new year with a FRESH new commercial–Jinro’s Grape Soju to be exact. I’ll be breaking down how I make a commercial from the ground up–from all the way at the beginning of the brainstorming process of how I make the commercial to showing you how I created each scene of the commercial. Hope you enjoy!

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Grape Soju Commercial: (0:00)
Intro: (0:16)
Creative Brainstorming: (1:05)
Creating a Product Holder: (9:03)
Shot #1: (10:30)
Shot #2: (11:38)
Shot #3: (12:40)
Shot #4: (14:44)
Shot #5: (15:56)
Day 3: (16:46)
Shot #6: (17:28)
Shot #7: (17:44)
Commercial w/o Overlays +Sound Design: (18:12)
Commercial + Overlays w/o Sound Design: (18:30)
Final Commercial: (18:50)
Outro: (19:08)
Ending Screen: (19:40)
RML Shenanigans: (19:52)

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