I POURED SOJU IN MY TOFU (jk they're soldered) Sound Test | Typing Sounds | ASMR

Keyboard: Tofu65 w/ polyfil
Plate: aluminum
Switches: Soju Switches (Boba tops, Lumia stem, Kiwi bottoms)
Keycaps: Darling clones

My first soju video had the o-ring mod in it. This one doesn’t and has a harsher sound to it.

My initial video and impressions

So using boba tops in frankenswitches, or outemu tops in general, can have fitment issues where the top housing doesn’t hold the leaf from the bottom housing in place, and so the leaf can be pushed upwards and out of position when placing the switch in a hotswap board. You can fix this by crimping the pins to prevent it from moving up into the switch, but at the same time some of mine just didn’t function even after I tried that (maybe I fucked up?) So I decided to build a whole new tofu with a soldered pcb to prevent this issue.

These actually are less tactile than the first soju’s I built, probably because I used a new batch of Lumias for these. I guess my initial batch had FAT lumia stems which were causing fitment issues, and I had to cherry pick boba tops to find ones that would barely be able to fit, but that tight fitment actually made it more tactile than it should’ve been. Still the most tactile switch I’ve tried, next to holy bobas (milky tops, the black tops I have on my bobas don’t make it as tactile).

Really good fun switch to try out anyways. These have a large bump, no pretravel, and no travel after the bump. The whole distance traveled is basically just the bump.

You can use Halo stems with these too, or Polia stems since those are basically recolored halo stems. If you were looking at the different colors gazzew offers for his top housings, I recommend just getting the white milky one. I have the black boba u4t’s from 3dkeebs and swapping the tops on those for the milky ones makes it slightly more tactile. Its more obvious when frankenswitching I think.

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