Korea vlog 🇰🇷 | Nightlife and SOJU | Black girl in KOREA | FOLLOW ME AROUND | Ambie Gonzalez

Hey friends! In this video, you will follow me around Korea. The order of this video is below:
-First class seats
-Arriving to the airport
-Taking bus to city
-Arriving to hotel
-Nightlife in Gangnam station (went on date)
-Next day went to seoul tower (went on another date) later @ night.
-Getting dressed in Hanbok (traditional queen clothing in KR)
-Walking through underground subway
-My stay at the sauna house
-Follow me to HAN river
-Follow me around the streets
-Taking taxi (speaking a little Korean)
-Went on another date in Incheon station lol
-Airport basement (sauna house)
-Eating cheap Kimbap at airport…

All of this took place within 1 week. I know some of you can’t believe I went back to Korea already! lol It’s only been 4 weeks since I first went, BUT I usually get a week off every month… so that’s how I manage to do it. ANYWAYS thank you all for watching.. and If you’ve read this far, PLEASE leave comments of what you want to see! THUMBS UP, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE ^_^

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