Korean-American Tries Flavored Soju

I taste test flavored Soju and rate which one I think is the best! 😄🍾



My name is Grace Lee and I make fitness videos. In my videos, I share fitness tips both in nutrition and exercise. I love to cook as I’m a foodie and show a variety of ways one can not only achieve the body of their dreams, but also eat really good food in the process. I believe fitness shouldn’t be an obsession but a part of one’s life. I also have an ileostomy which means I have no colon. As also an ostomate I show that anything you want to achieve is possible with a bit of hard work and the belief that you CAN do it.

The Change Your Life series: In this series I show what I do/ eat to get shredded and lose body fat. In each video I aim to provide fitness tips and tricks in order to make dieting enjoyable and easier. In my videos, I follow flexible dieting, also known as counting your macronutrients/ macros for short. The Change Your Life series meaning is changing your body in order to change other aspects of your life positively. 😇💪

Online coach/ ileostomy fitness/ foodie / fitness/ female fitness channel/ fitness journey

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