Pour Choice With John McClellan: What Is Soju?

Is the number one selling liquor in the world the worst liquor in the world?This week’s Pour Choice comedy video drinking challenge has John McClellan drinking Soju and asking “What Is Soju and why would I want to drink it?” In this episode John does a hilarious rundown of all the rules associated with this Korean drink that outsells every other brand of booze but no one seems to know about.

After years of being a touring stand up comedian… I’ve made some bad decisions. The one I’m most famous for is finding the worst liquor in the bar and drinking it live on the internet. What started out as a scam to get free booze has turned into my new funny drinking video series.

I’m John McClellan and this is ‘Pour Choice”. Where I take the most vile and unwanted alcohol I can get my hands on and drink them with live comedy commentary.

It won’t kill you to watch Pour Choice. As for me… We’ll see!

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