S. Korea to enforce stronger measures for drunk driving from Tuesday

한잔만 마셔도 음주단속 걸린다…25일 ‘제2 윤창호법’ 시행
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We start with a warning for drivers.
From Tuesday,… South Korea is taking tougher measures on those who drink and drive.
The police will launch a two-month nationwide crackdown,…from 10 PM to 4 AM, …when drunk driving accidents are most frequent.
Roadside breath tests will be randomly located near entertainment districts, restaurants and car-only slip roads.
And once the so-called ” Yoon Chang-ho Law” comes into effect, there’s a high possibility of round-the-clock breath tests, …which means drivers with hangovers will also be detected.
Legal blood alcohol levels have been lowered from zero-point-zero-five percent to zero-point-zero-three percent.
Drunk drivers can face up to a life sentence for causing death or severe injuries in an accident.

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