Shochu Webinar Vol. 8: Appreciation vs. Appropriation

Welcome to our Shochu webinar, where world-class bartenders teach us about the exciting Japanese spirit and give in-depth classes on crafting Shochu cocktails. In Vol. 8: Appreciation vs Appropriation, we’re talking about cultural exchange through cocktails. In addition to demonstrating how to craft shochu cocktails, our speakers will discuss understanding context in Asian cocktail culture.⁠

🔺 Masa Urushido – Katana Kitten, New York⁠
🔺 Julia Momose – Bar Kumiko, Chicago⁠
🔺 Haru Zenda – Bar Masa, NY⁠
🔺 Caer Maiko Ferguson – Daijoubu, Texas⁠
🔺 Moderated by Don Lee – 2020 Best American Bar Mentor

This program is brought to you by the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association.

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