Soju Hacks: EASY Korean Soju Cocktails + How To Drink Soju + Bomb-Shots (소주 칵테일) 소주 해킹, 폭탄주

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FUN & EASY Soju Cocktails to enjoy at home! 🇰🇷재미있는 소주 3 가지 해킹 & 초간단한 2 가지 소주 칵테일 레시피. Includes THREE EASY Soju Hacks &TWO EASY Soju Cocktails Recipe.
Written Soju Cocktail Recipe/작성된 소주 레시피:
Three Soju Hacks:
Refreshing Lemon Droplet Soju Shots
Soju Pyramid Shots Tower
Soju-Beer Bomb Shots
Two Simple Soju Cocktails:
🍇Grape Juice & Club Soda Soju Cocktail with a hint of fresh mint🍃
🍐Pear Juice & Club Soda Soju Cocktail infused with lemon zest oil🍋
🇰🇷재미있는 소주 해킹과 쉽게 소주 칵테일을 만드는 방법을 알려 드리겠습니다.
소주 3 가지 해킹:
상쾌한 레몬 소주, 소주 피라미드 & 폭탄주
초간단한 2 가지 소주 칵테일레시피:
🍇포도 봉봉 & 🍐배 주스 소주 칵테일

Cheers/”GunBheh”/건배: Salud, Santé!, Skål, 乾杯 , 干杯, Υγεία, Prost, Saúde, Saluti😎

Must be of legal drinking age to consume alcohol. Please drink responsibly. (US legal drinking age is 21 years old)
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BINGE WATCH Soju Cocktails Recipe Playlist:

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SacSac Grape Juice/포도 주스 (Lotte)

Grape BonBon Juice/포도 봉봉 주스 (Haitai)

Grated Pear Juice

Korean Soju Shot Glasses (8 pieces)

Korean Soju Shot Glasses (5 pieces)

Korean Soju Shot Glasses (4 pieces)

Korean Soju Shot Glasses (4 pieces) heart-shaped or characters-printed

Korea Ceramic Soju Shot Glass Set of 5 With Hwatu, Ogwang Korean Traditional Flower Card Game Pattern Print

Korean Soju Shot Glass Set (5 Piece) Ceramic Pottery Cup for Whiskey Sake Vodka Alcohol Liquor w/Korea Traditional Illustration Paintings

Traditional Korean Hand Painted Cordial Glasses Shot Glass Set for Sake n Soju, 5 Piece Handcrafted Ceramic Pottery Porcelain Sake Cups

Wooden Cups – Traditional Korean Wood Sake Shot Glass with Giftbox – Handmade Jujube Tree Small Cups for Sake, Soju and Liquor – 2 Pc Wooden Mug Set

Korean Traditional Handmade lacquered OTTCHIL Wood Sake Soju Tea Cup 2 Pcs Gift Box Set, Natural Solid Wooden Shot Glass-ware for Soju Liquor & Tea

Heavy Bottom Beer Glasses For Bomb-Shots/Pok-Tan-Ju/폭탄주
Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glasses (Set of 6)

Waterford Markham Double Old Fashioned Glasses, Set of 4

Double Old Fashioned Crystal Glasses, Set of 6 Whiskey Glasses, Perfect for Serving Scotch, Cocktails, or Mixed Drinks. (New York) pattern

Baccarat Nancy Tumbler No.2 (Full lead crystal made in France)

Set of 4 Waterford Crystal Lismore Tumbler/Evolution barware collection (4 Patterns)

Riedel Drink Specific Glassware Rocks Glass (set of 2)

Clear Glass Beer Cups – 4 Pack, 16 oz

Pint/Tall Glasses For Soju Cocktails:
Pub Beer Glass, 16-Ounce, Set of 9

Crystal Highball Glasses Barware Tumbler (14 oz)

Spiral Pattern Bar Cocktail Shaker Spoon (12 Inches Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon)

Y Peeler (Lemon Zest Peeler)

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