SOJU TIME w DANI | Lost 4 (more) lbs, Defined my Abs, and Handled my Anxiety

DISCLAIMER: All contents mentioned are based on my experience only.
Hey, Dolls! This video features more tips on how to loose weight, staying fit and gaining muscles while managing mental health. I usually do my exercise everyday, time permitting. Join me as I do my fitness routine (and progress, fingers crossed) and together let’s be fit, healthy and happy.
The exercise videos:

• Madfit
Ritmo –
Level Up-

• Chloe Ting:

• Fitness Marshall


• Check out this video:
Red Canlas:
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John Ruark Asignar for doing my intro video and logo.
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Hey Dolls! My name is Dani and I love fitness, food and cooking! Basically life in general. Hope my videos help! Enjoy watching! Deuces xx

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