SOJU TIPS | Ordering Soju at a Korean BBQ Restaurant

Were you ever confused about which soju to order at a Korean BBQ restaurant?

My name is Alex, and I am a Korean-American and have lived in Seoul for most of my life. Here are some tips on ordering soju at a Korean BBQ restaurant!

Tip #1: Get some Korean barbecue.

Press a button if they have a button to call a server, and if they don’t, you can say “jeo-gi-yo” or “yeo-gi-yo”, which translates to, “Hey! or “Over here!” That might sound a little rude, but that’s actually the most common way that people will call for a server in Korea. You could also use family names or phrases, such as “yi-mo” or “eun-ni”, which translates to aunt or sister, but depending on the situation some people might find it a bit rude or they might just not like it. But you know honestly, if there’s a button that’s the easiest!

Tip #2: Just pick any soju you want.

When you pick soju, pick any soju you want. It really doesn’t matter because they all taste the same. They’re made the same way, and if you don’t believe us, let us know in the comments what you think, and we will do a blind taste test and prove it to you.

That being said, if you want to try the the local product or you want or local flavor of soju in the area, just say you want some soju. In Seoul, they will most likely give you #Chamisul or #Chumchurum. In Busan, it might be be #GoodDay or #Daesun. In Gwangju, it might be #Yipsaeju. Just say you want soju and they’ll give you the one that’s brewed there.

Tip #3: You can do a simple gesture to order more soju.

If you wanna order more soju, all you have to do is, have your bottle, get their attention and point to it,
tell them how many you want, and they’ll bring it over. They usually prefer this because at least they don’t have to walk over and also they can tell right away what you need and they can bring it right over with no fuss.

If you’d to know some more tips about ordering soju or anything related to soju, please let us know!

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