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What’s up with the bird?

The Caipirinha is a drink with a long and strange history. In it’s original form it was made with Augadente garlic and honey and used as a medicine for the Spanish Flu in 1918, obviously it didn’t really help. But the drink migrated from Portugal to Brazil where it evolved to combine Cachaça (A spirit distilled from fresh cane juice, very similar to Rhum Agricole) sugar and lime and became so popular that it is of course now the National Drink of Brazil. It’s easy to make, it’s delicious to drink, refreshing, cool, perfect on a summer day.

Making it made me think about one of my favorite Disney films The Three Caballeros. It’s a weirder movie, one of the so called “Package Films” made on the semi cheap by combining a series of shorts, it’s about Donald Duck receiving a series of birthday presents from his friends in South America, he and José Carioca take a trip to Bahia where they sing and dance with Aurora Miranda (Carmen Miranda’s sister!) in a sequence that combines live action and animation and gets really weird. I love it. It’s like a Fleischer Studios cartoon but produced by Disney. If you haven’t seen The Three Caballeros I encourage you to do so (even though this episode isn’t REALLY about the movie) and also, to drink a Caipirinha.

Two Barspoons of Superfine Sugar
1 whole lime quartered
2 oz. -or- 60 ml. Cachaça
Shake over ice
open pour into glass
Melt into a sunset.

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