Which is the best Soju Flavour? | Ft. Sober Seen

Today something a bit different than usual- me lovely mate Sober Sean and I try every flavour of soju I could get my hands on…and place each on a tier list from S (litty) to F (rubbish).
No other video on earth consistent of this many obscure references to Warcraft 3, Garth Brooks and Big Marvel- that I can guarantee. Educational as well you’ll be fluent in Japanese by the end of it.

Spent 3 days attempting to render this in 4K but Adobe Premiere is just not having it so 1080p will have to do. Also forgot to add cherry into the all the tier list animations except the last one. Good at this whole editing thing I swear.

Sean –

0:00 Catchup
0:50 Intro
2:02 Original
3:47 Peach
5:06 Red (Pomegranate)
6:13 Honey
7:34 Strawberry
8:59 Coconut
10:44 Cherry
11:56 Mandarin/Orange
14:50 Lychee
16:32 Ginger
18:02 Mango
19:26 Raspberry
21:22 Pineapple
24:03 Grapefruit
26:02 Apple
28:39 Plum
29:34 Melon
30:58 Cabernet Sauvignon
32:37 Watermelon
34:02 Chardonnay
36:23 Blueberry
39:02 Yoghurt
40:57 Apple/Mango
43:10 Final Tier List
43:17 Outro
44:51 Extra

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