Bittermens Hellfire Shrub Bitters

Habanero Shrub Hellfire

Spicy foods are one of our favorites. Habaneros are used in a variety of dishes at home, from cream sauces to omelets. However, we’ve discovered that when individuals try to prepare hot drinks, the flavor often falls short.

The issue, in our opinion, is not the heat, but rather how it is mixed into the cocktail. If you want a tequila drink, infusing jalapeo peppers into tequila is ideal. Adding commercial hot sauces, sambal, or sriracha to a cocktail, on the other hand, frequently throws the balance off.

Most spicy sauces are produced by combining peppers, vinegar, salt, and other spices in a blender. Vinegar, isn’t it? To us, that certainly sounds like a bush. Shrubs are traditional fruit and vinegar-based syrups that have been sweetened and diluted to produce a beverage since the American Revolution. Why not try making a hot pepper shrub instead of a berry or orange shrub?

Most people enjoy spice, but when it comes to making spicy cocktails, the results are sometimes disappointing. A few drops of a shrub combined with a bitter delivers the desired effect… in this example, a good ol’ touch of savory heat. Made in New Orleans with a 44 percent alcohol by volume.


Get the tequila, please! The bartending equivalent of the best hot sauce you’ve ever had is this sophisticated and spicy cocktail shrub.

With this revolutionary cocktail ingredient from the highly acclaimed bartending professionals at Bittermens, you can add the powerful flavor and heat of actual habanero chili peppers to your next cocktail.

This cocktail shrub is vinegar-based, as are all cocktail shrubs. Unlike other shrubs, however, it has been fortified with alcohol, which enhances the flavor of the peppers, spices, and vanilla used in the preparation. As a result, the shrub is concentrated enough to be used in drops rather than ounces.

This is the ideal method to give any drink a blast of heat without sacrificing taste or balance. This is a perfect finish for a nice bit of heat, as it is made by combining vinegar like a traditional shrub but concentrating the flavors even more.

FAQ for Bittermens Hellfire Shrub

What are the ingredients in Hellfire bitters?

Hellfire bitters are black, spicy, and ready to be mixed with a strong-bodied spirit. Bitters are essentially infused alcoholic beverages. All you’ll need to make your own hellfire bitters is a jar, some coffee beans, hot peppers, and a high-proof spirit to extract the flavor quickly and clearly. There is no such thing as an exact science. 20 September 2012

What are your favorite ways to use Bittermens?

Half-fill a mixing glass with ice. Combine the tequila, maraschino liqueur, both bitters, and agave nectar in a mixing glass. After 30 seconds of vigorous stirring, serve into a chilled cocktail glass. Rub the rim of the glass with the lemon peel before dropping it in as a garnish.

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