Seedlip Spice Martini Kit

B+B Exclusive

Seedlip Spice Martini Kit

When James Bond wanted to look cool, but still keep his wits about him, we imagine he'd reach for this refreshing martini.  Stirred, not shaken.

Seedlip Spice is a non-alcoholic spirit that contains a complex blend of aromatic, Jamaican all spice berry and cardamom distillates with two barks & a bright citrus peel finish. The aromatic profile also includes oak, lemon, grapefruit, and cascarilla.

The Verjus is a lovely acidic fruit distillate designed to quench the thirst of a sophisticated palate.  The dirty martini juice is an olive brine blended with red and sweet peppers to give a savory yet sweet finish to any beverage.  Finish it off with a brined olive and now you know how James Bond fit so much in a day: sober.

Recipe Card included.