Review of Clase Azul Reposado Tequila

The gently aged tequila contained within the exquisite bottle smells, looks, and tastes older and more complicated than it is.

Clase Azul is an ultra-premium tequila made entirely of blue Weber agave and presented in a gorgeous hand-sculpted bottle. Clase Azul tequila bottles are hand-painted, making each bottle a one-of-a-kind work of art.

In an attractive statement bottle, it’s a rich, fruity, mildly aged tequila.

It’s a slightly fruity and sweet tequila with a complex character that pays off. It smells, looks, and tastes older and more complicated than it is.

Notes on Taste

Palate: Sweet and creamy at first, with notes of cooked agave, vanilla, and banana cream pie, similar to the nose but with a hint of clove and soft pepper. It’s medium-bodied on the midpalate, with oak, a flavor of candied orange, and gentle pepper on the tongue. It’s easy to drink towards the back of the throat, with aromas of roasted hazelnut, oak, and baking spice.

Clase Azul is an eye-opening look at the current situation of luxury tequilas. It’s completely real in the sense that Arturo Lomeli, the company’s founder, is a Mexican who takes great pride in his country’s culinary and artisan traditions. In addition to agave producers, harvesters, and distillery employees, the brand supports hundreds of indigenous artists through its philanthropic foundation, Fundación cu Causa Azul, which teaches artists how to commercialize their talents. Agave is slow-baked for 72 hours in traditional masonry ovens, then crushed and fermented with a specific yeast in a roller mill. It also indicates a change in 21st-century culture toward luxury tequila as a statement piece for nightclubs and the well-heeled. Some connoisseurs claim that the flavor profile is overly sweet, with a focus on vanilla and baking aromas to appeal to a broad audience. Even Lomeli admits that his initial batch was difficult to sell in Mexico due to its “very smooth” texture. It was also in the forefront of transforming high-end tequila from an everyday social spirit to something akin to much older single malt scotches, thanks to its high price point (the aejo costs around $500).

Having said that, the juice contained within the elegant bottle is delectable. The corporation refers to the various phrases as marques, a term more often associated with cognac, and the parallel is striking. The outcome is richer and more candied-fruit-driven, similar to a cognac or sherry-cask-old whisky, rather than the dry wood notes of scotch, as many aged tequilas do. It’s hard to believe this is “just” a reposado and not an aejo because the character, color, and flavor are so rich.

Limited Edition Tequila Cabal Reposado (750ml)

This is almost certainly not the tequila for your Margarita or Paloma if you’re looking for a lightly aged mixer. If you’re looking for a unique cocktail or a cognac or rum substitute for an Old Fashioned or Sazerac, you’ve come to the perfect place. (At this price, however, it’s probably best to drink it neat or over ice.) Though it may appear to some that the tequila is too “sweet,” what it most closely resembles is freshly cooked agave.

Tequila Collection from the Top Shelf

Clase Azul’s goods are created entirely of 100% blue agave plants that have been nurtured in Jalisco, Mexico, for between 6 and 8 years. The leaves of the plants are shaved off after harvesting, leaving only the hard inner core remains. That core is roasted in a traditional brick kiln for 72 hours to release natural sugar and soften the plant before being pulverized in a traditional procedure to extract the liquid.

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